The 3 Things Successful People Do Every Day

What does success mean to you? Is it finding your soulmate and living a wonderful life together? Is it accomplishing lifelong career goals? Or does it simply mean finding happiness and living a life of content?

Whatever definition you have of success, it’s going to take certain actions to help you achieve it. These habits are what separate “successful” people from everyone else.

Today I’m chatting about 3 things successful people always do. They’re simple. They’re quick. And they make all the difference.

3 things successful people always do

Say “No”

Whether it’s in the workplace or in your personal life, saying “no” is about setting boundaries. It’s about letting people know what they can and cannot get away with when it comes to their relationship with you. I have to admit, I’m a people-pleaser so this trait has been extremely hard for me to adapt. I want everyone to like me but pleasing everyone takes time and if you want to be successful you know every single minute of your day is precious. When you’re working toward a goal it’s important to prioritize and make time for the people and things that truly matter to you. So if you aren’t over-the-moon excited about what’s being asked from you, then say “no” and move on. And stop associating saying “no” with being rude; They are not the same thing. Easier said than done I know, but trust me when you start allocating your time wisely you’ll begin seeing the fruits of your success.

Show Gratitude

I have to admit lately I’ve been more focused on the bad than the good in my life and because of it a dark cloud has taken permanent residence above me. Anyone that knows me knows this is very unlike me but rather than digging myself into a deeper hole I’ve started showing gratitude more often. That’s because showing gratitude and the impact it has on your success is like a snowball effect.

Saying each morning what you’re thankful for or writing down something you’re glad happened triggers the feeling of happiness and helps you put into perspective the things that truly matter to you. No matter how big or small, for that moment you’ll be tuned to something that makes you feel warm inside. That warm feeling is addictive, and it will make you aware of the people and things that bring you joy. Little by little your new outlook on life will start to manifest itself into success; success in your work life, personal life, and overall well-being. So whether or not you’re in a slump like me, start expressing gratitude and start seeing changes in your life.

unplug will help with success


The irony of this habit is that you’re on some sort of electronic device right now! But don’t unplug just yet. I have a little bit more to say.

The World Wide Web is a fabulous place filled with endless knowledge (such as this blog post, hehe) but it can also distract you from actually living your life. Granted many jobs require you to be “plugged in” at all times but the point is to set aside your phone and laptop once you get home so you can be present when you’re with family and friends. Not only will it help you appreciate the relationships around you, it will help you find creativity and spark new thoughts and ideas. Trust me the last thing I do when I’m feeling less than inspired is look at other lifestyle blogs. Not only do I find myself repeating work that’s already out there, my mind becomes fixated on how others have done things rather than finding my own voice and personal style. I have to live in order to create, otherwise it clouds my own success.

There is no right or wrong definition of success but if you find yourself not achieving your own definition of it then maybe these little habits can help.

What habits have you formed in order to achieve success? Let me know below! I’d love to hear!