5 #NYFW Style Trends


I gotta be honest with ya’ll and tell you I’m not the biggest fashionista. I love going shopping (who doesn’t?), but my eyes perk up a little more at the sight of new makeup, skincare, even home decor!

Recently I watched a documentary on Netflix called “Advanced Style” that changed my perspective on fashion a bit. It follows seven women aged 62 to 95 in New York City who challenge the overall idea of aging through timeless yet sometimes eccentric fashion. I loved how free and unapologetic they were and it really made me look at getting older differently.

Watching the documentary was perfect timing because now that Fashion Week in NYC is underway, the fashion bug’s been planted and I’ve been keeping a closer eye on the trends popping up. If you don’t know what Fashion Week is (or could careless) it happens two times a year and designers showcase their upcoming collections. Some trends I am LOVING! Others, not so much. But that’s the beauty of fashion right? You get to pick what you love, what you don’t, and you work with what you’ve got to make trends your own.

I rounded up a few of my faves right now so keep reading for my top #NYFW style trends!


Denim is huge right now! It’s everywhere, and people are embracing the trend with open arms sporting denim jackets, overalls, and of course, jeans! I gotta say I love this trend because anyone can wear it. It’s super affordable and pairs nicely with a little LBD or leggings.


Think flowy, moves-with-you fabric. This trend makes me think of pure femininity. I love skirts that sway and tops that swish so I’m ecstatic to see this as an emerging trend. I’m already a lover of maxi dresses so I can’t wait to incorporate this trend in tops and skirts!


Just like the denim jacket, leather jackets are everywhere these days. It’s edgy, fun, and takes any outfit to the next level. I love mixing this trend with maxi dresses because the contrast is just right and the two marry so well for someone with differing styles.


I’m chuckling calling the 90s “retro” but you get my drift. Designers have taken bits of iconic style elements from different time eras and have incorporated them into today’s fashion.. what’s new? Bell sleeve tops and dresses are bigger than ever and chokers are the new “it” accessory. I love both trends and will happily be including them into my closet.


Yes, yes, and more yes! Geometric cut outs and off-the-shoulder tops are still a favorite for top designers and I couldn’t be happier. There’s nothing sexier than showing just the right amount of skin in a flattering and classy way and cut-outs help do just that!

What trends are you loving? I think I’m going to be obsessed with bell sleeves and denim jackets!