8 Things To Do When You’re Snowed In

If you live in the Northeast you’re probably snowed in like me. You can bet I’m currently sitting in my pajamas, enjoying a warm beverage and admiring the winter wonderland that’s now my front yard. Life is pretty cozy right now.

Growing up in Arizona I thought snow days were just something kids in movies got to do. Now as an adult (and not a fan of the cold) it’s funny I ended up in Connecticut where the winters can get pretty bitter and snow days are inevitable. Truth be told I’ve actually grown to like them because they force me to take it easy and just relax.

I have lots of things planned for my snow day but if you’re lost for things, don’t worry, I have a list of things to do when you’re snowed in that will keep you “busy” all day long.

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Being snowed in gives you a free pass to binge on Netflix without questioning your life every time it asks if you’re still watching. If you’re into crime dramas/thrillers I highly recommend “The Killing,” which is about the murder of a young girl and her connection to a local politician and “The Fall,” who stars Jamie Dornan as a serial killer targeting professional women.

If those don’t float your boat and you prefer something less murder-y, I love “Fuller House” for nostalgia, “Sherlock” for witty-banter, “Mad Men” for intensely complicated characters, “Dexter” for my favorite serial killer (okay, this one’s pretty murder-y), and “Friends” and “Breaking Bad” for my all-time favorites.


After you’ve watched so much Netflix there’s a permanent imprint of your body on the couch, get up and do some spring cleaning! There’s no better feeling than decluttering your closet so toss, donate and rotate your clothes, shoes and accessories to make room for more 😉


Or best friends. Sometimes life gets so hectic we tend to keep in touch through social media or texting. Take the time to call the people you’ve been missing and really catch up with them. You don’t have anywhere else to be.


Pick up the book you’ve been dying to start (or finally finish) and get lost in it. I have about three books I’ve been wanting to start and today will be the day. I mostly enjoy self-help and fashion or decor books.

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How many masks, manicure sets or hair treatments do you have in your bathroom that you never use? This is the time to pull them out! Turn your home into your personal spa, light some candles and set the tone for a relaxing afternoon.


Before you start your pamper sesh, try makeup techniques or looks you’ve been meaning to practice. I know for me a wing liner is tricky so this would be the perfect opportunity to try and nail it.

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Need I say more? When my hubby and I heard there was a huge snow storm coming we looked up recipes for the best crockpot stews (it’s the small things lol). We’ll also be indulging in some banana bread (our fave!) and making my famous “Abuelita” hot chocolate.


A few months ago my husband and I bought an old school Nintendo system. Best. Idea. Ever! We try to get as much playing time as possible but not as much as we wish so today we’ll definitely get to duel it out. If you have board games pull those out too!

ilse livelearnluxeit blogger ilycouture pajamas all day

ilse livelearnluxeit ilycouture pajamas all day sweater

I would love to hear about your snow day plans?! Any special traditions?

Enjoy your day and relax a bit.