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Hi beauties! My name is Ilse (ill-say) and I’m the writer behind LIVELEARNLUXEIT! I was born in Mexico, raised in Arizona and now reside in good ol’ Connecticut with my hubby of almost five years. We met in college (a very original sorority-girl-meets-fraternity-guy love story) and after graduating and doing the long-distance thing for about a year, we got engaged.

I graduated with a degree in journalism and began my blogging journey after moving to Connecticut and needing a space to just be “Ilse” where I could write, and swatch, and rave about makeup. Now, a little over two years in, it’s evolved into more than just beauty – it’s now a place where I share all aspects of my life in hopes of inspiring one another to become the best version of ourselves.

Now that I’ve formally introduced myself, let’s get to the the juicy stuff 😉



FASHION ICON: Jennifer Lopez (She’s my “everything” icon)

ALL-TIME FAVORITE SHOW: Would I be a girl if I didn’t say Friends? Also Breaking Bad.


CURRENTLY ON REPEAT: Maroon 5’s “Cold” ft. Future

I WILL NEVER GET SICK OF: Avocados, lattés and pretty candles. Just not together.

DREAM VACATION: Somewhere tropical, relaxing in an overwater bungalow

DESCRIBE YOUR STYLE: A mix of feminine and classic

FAVORITE PLACES TO SHOP: I love Asos.com because it’s free shipping and returns, and I’ve always been given great costumer service.

HOLY GRAIL BEAUTY PRODUCTS: You can check out THIS post for my 2016 faves. I also try to link my “Latest Loves” near the top of the front page of the blog

Any other questions? Feel free to e-mail (ilse@livelearnluxeit.com) or ask me on INSTAGRAM


LIVELEARNLUXEIT is a blend of my tried-and-true beauty products I want you to know about, life lessons I want to share (think #girlpower, marriage, entrepreneurship) and fashion tips to help navigate busy lifestyles.


I come from a single-parent home where money was stretched thin so I always found myself looking for the best deals and ways to make inexpensive clothes look expensive. My mom did such a great job instilling in me that money doesn’t make the (wo)man and no matter your budget you can always have style! I still hold that mantra to this day and won’t pass up a good deal when I see one! That’s why I decided to call my blog LIVELEARNLUXEIT! We all have different definitions of “luxury,” and I believe when you live authentically and learn from your beauty, life and style experiences, you find it easier to define your version of LUXE!


The LIVELEARNLUXEIT girl is savvy, sassy and stylish. She knows a deal when she sees one but isn’t afraid to splurge on timeless and quality products. Luxury products don’t define her, but they do excite her. She might drop some serious cash on the newest designer bag but also rave about her latest drugstore obsession. She’s navigating life as it comes and learning to live life by her own rules. Sound like someone you might know? (Hint, hint you?!) Welcome home! Can’t wait to be friends!

Thanks again for stopping by! I hope you stay awhile! We can also be friends over on INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK and TWITTER <3