Armani Power Fabric Foundation Review + Luminous Silk Comparison

When it comes to foundations, Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk is pretty up there in the favorites of favorites of the beauty world. It’s amassed a huge cult following, making it seem like it’s everyones HG foundation. So when I heard Armani was coming out with a new, fuller coverage foundation, aka Power Fabric Longwear High Cover, I was instantly intrigued.

armani power fabric and luminous silk foundation comparison

The two foundations are very different. Power Fabric is full-coverage, with a matte-velvet finish and SPF 25. Luminous Silk is sheer to light medium coverage, with a dewy finish and no SPF. Both are $64 (eek!) and beautiful foundations in their own right but serve completely different purposes.

I’ve been testing Power Fabric for about three weeks now and I love it – more than Luminous Silk. My skin used to be extremely oily but now it’s more on the normal side. I get a bit oily on my T-zone but nothing too crazy. I have acne-prone skin and have a lot of discoloration so good coverage is essential to me.

With Power Fabric I don’t have to use concealer on my dark spots after applying it; With Luminous Silk I do. I also blot a lot more with Luminous Silk and find it doesn’t last as long throughout the day. I get about five good hours of wear time whereas I can go all day with Power Fabric and probably retouch once or twice.

One of the biggest differences between the two, and probably one of the reasons I fell in love with Power Fabric so quickly, is how they set on my skin. Power Fabric sets instantly, but still gives you just enough time to work the foundation in so don’t worry about having to buff in small sections. I hate when people touch my face because it disturbs my makeup but Power Fabric is the first foundation I feel confident will not transfer. Of course if you rub your face foundation will come off but quick contact won’t disrupt it. With Luminous Silk (really with any other foundation) it transfers so I have to be cautious.

comparison of armani power fabric vs luminous silk foundation

giorgio armani luminous silk foundation

giorgio armani power fabric foundation

power fabric vs luminous silk foundation



Coverage is amazing but super lightweight: It really does feel like second skin. I don’t feel like I’m wearing foundation when I have it on but my imperfections are completely covered (and I have A LOT to cover).

Matte finish but still skin-like: Though the finish is matte, my skin still looks real and natural. If you have extremely oily skin this might not be a pro because it’s not going to be the absolute best at oil control. For me I loved that it let my skin look like real skin without accentuating my slightly oily T-zone.

Drys quickly but doesn’t grip to dry patches: I’ve spoken about my dry patches around my mouth area before and this foundation did not emphasis them.

No breakouts: Power Fabric did not cause any irritation or breakouts which is A++ for my acne-prone skin.

power fabric and luminous silk
armani power fabric and luminous silk foundation



Color selection is frustrating: Because I don’t have a store near me that carries Armani I had to guess my shade. Based on the Sephora description I chose shade 5.5 which turned out to be too pink. Once it settles it actually turns a bit gray and made my skin look sallow. I ended up getting a sample of shade 6 which is closer to my Luminous Silk shade (5.75) but it’s still a tad on the darker side, which you can see in the picture above. With a selection of 20 shades (fewer than Luminous Silk’s 24) the colors really jump from shade to shade making it hard to find your perfect match.

SPF does affect how it photographs: Because of the SPF, I found it wasn’t the best for photography. I wore it during a couple of blog post shoots and it made my skin look way too “fake.” I’m not sure if it was because I had the wrong shade, but there was a really strange finish to my skin that I didn’t like. Now that I think I’ve found a better match I’ll update this section once I photograph with the foundation again. As far as flashback, I had no issues.

Price: Obvious but worth a mention. Power Fabric is $64, steep for a foundation but it is a luxury brand so all preference.

comparing luminous silk and power fabric

Overall I recommend Power Fabric to anyone who has normal to slightly oily skin, is looking for a full-coverage foundation that will last all day and feels like nothing on. I’d highly suggest getting a sample before purchasing because colors are a bit deceptive as they do oxidize a bit.

The one thing that sets Power Fabric apart from other foundations I love is the amount of coverage you get versus how light it feels on the skin – that’s truly what you’re paying for in my opinion. If it didn’t have SPF it could have very well become my new HG foundation.

Have you tried Armani’s Power Fabric? What about Luminous Silk? I’d love to hear your experiences with either or both foundations!