Casual Fall Outfit + Fall To Do List

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Growing up in Arizona left me with a major fall deficit so it’s fitting I tend to overdose on everything fall-related now that I live in Connecticut. Plus my birthday, which was September 22, marks the official beginning of fall, so I like to think a love for fall runs in my DNA. Can you blame me?

It’s quite ironic that at the start of fall I’m back in Arizona missing all the cool weather! Oh life. But I’m not complaining. I’m happy I’m visiting family and friends.
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Now I’m just trying to make fall happen real bad. Like I’m wearing boots-when-it’s-90-degrees in AZ bad. I have no shame though. In my little brain it’s totally acceptable and everyone just needs to catch up to me instead of me slowing down. LOL. fall look 8.jpg

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This year I have a checklist of things I want to do this fall season and I’m so excited to get started. Sadly I’m not going to be back in Connecticut until mid-October but I still want to share in case you guys live in Connecticut/New York and want to do any of these activities.

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fall look 10.jpgThe Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze

If you live in or around the Hudson Valley you might have heard of this walk-through jack o’lantern light show. Last year the day my hubby and I had planned to go it poured! They closed and we had to reschedule which never happened. This year I vow to make it happen! It just looks so amazing! Every single pumpkin is hand-carved.. what?!

Walk the High Line in NYC on a crisp afternoon

The High Line is an elevated public park above Manhattan’s West Side. There’s shopping and places to grab something to eat. I, of course, want to hit The Taco Truck, an authentic Mexican street food vendor. But most of all I just want some apple cider in hand, cozy under comfy clothes!

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery Walking Tours 

Have you guys watched the show “Sleepy Hollow”? Hubs and I like to watch it (guilty pleasure) because it’s the perfect show to get us into the fall spirit. We love Ichabod Crane’s character so I’m thinking it would be fun for us to actually do a tour and learn more about The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

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 What fall activities do you have planned? Share below!