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Morphe Jaclyn Hill Palette

Oh happy day! It’s Friday and I’m chatting Morphe and Jaclyn Hill! aka The Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette! With a ton of buzz and hype around this palette I thought hey, my lady (and guy) friends need to know if this palette is all that and a bag of Takis. So here I am giving you all the goods!

Over two years ago I did a first impressions on the original Jaclyn Hill Favorites palette. I loved that palette and it really solidified that good, quality makeup doesn’t always have to cost a ton of money. I’m going to go ahead and follow the outline of that post again today because if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! (Guys, can you sense I’m in a spunky mood? I think it’s that Fri-yay feeling!) read more


The Exact 11 Beauty Products I Travel …

Bonjour mis amores! Have you missed me? ‘Cuz I’ve sure missed you! I took a little break to settle into our new apartment and prepare for our Europe trip (which has been a blast so far!). Today was our last day in Paris and I swear I almost cried leaving our hotel. I really didn’t want to leave. If you’ve been following me long on Instagram then you know we started our vacation in London, then Paris and now we’re heading to Spain! While I’m sad to leave this beautiful city I’m excited to see what Barcelona and Madrid have to offer. read more

A Little About Me, Ilse

Hi beauty! I'm Ilse (ill-say)! Welcome to LiveLearnLuxeIt! A place where I share a medley of my loves - from fashion and beauty to lifestyle topics like marriage and #girlpower! My passion is to cultivate honest conversations between the women who are the doers and shakers of the world (or aspire to be!), and provide a source of inspiration for the modern woman.

I currently live in Connecticut with my husband of five years but have a special place in my heart for Arizona (my home state), where I graduated from ASU with a degree in Journalism.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you decide to stay awhile!


Sephora Spring 2017 VIB Rouge Sale

Hi beauties! It’s VIB Rouge Sale time! Sephora Rouge members get 15% off any purchases made (in-store and online with code ROUGESPRING) April 18 until April 24. If you’re a VIB member, the sale starts April 19 and also goes until April 24. VIB members need to use code VIBSPRING for online discount. And finally BI member’s 10% discount starts April 20-23 and their code is BISPRING. You can shop the sale as many times as you’d like and there are NO brand restrictions, which means anything is up for grabs! read more


Daily Habits That Might Be Aging …

We should all be so lucky to grow old and gray, but if I can age gracefully I’m all for it. By now we all know sunscreen is a must, washing your face at night should be second nature and applying skincare products should go beyond the face (neck and hands ladies!), but it’s also good to be aware of certain daily habits that might be aging you.

See, the right skincare can only do so much. Like with exercise and diet, you won’t be successful without taking both into consideration. I’ve had a skincare routine since before I turned 20 (mostly for acne reasons) so for me this stuff is so much fun and essential. Now that I’m getting older, how I treat my skin is more important than ever. So if you’re anything like me, keep reading for my list of sneaky aging habits. read more


Friday Favorites 3.24.17

Two weeks ago I started a new bi-weekly series on the blog called Friday Favorites where I want to share things and products that are making a big difference in my daily life. I don’t always find a place for them to share so I figured I’d create one 🙂 If you missed it definitely check it out here because I’m still obsessing over all those products – especially this tea.

I had a bit of a wellness theme going for the first post and today I’m seeing lots of pink, which I’m totally okay with. A couple of the products are skincare related and others have been helping me look my best self so keep reading for my recent faves. read more


Spring Makeup Look with EcoTools

Spring does something to me. It’s like all I want to do is embrace color and bathe in the welcomed sunshine. My husband always jokes that, “little Bub (aka me) doesn’t like the cold,” and laughs at how quickly I bundle up if just the slightest breeze comes my way. So to say I’m happy warmer days are here is an understatement.

That’s why today is a pretty special day. I’ve partnered with EcoTools at Ulta to bring you a fresh-faced, pop-of-color spring makeup look that is sure to kiss my – and your – winter blues buh-bye! The focus is all about creating a dewy, flawless face and embracing color for spring. read more


Friday Favorites 3.10.17

I’m starting a little bi-weekly series on the blog called Friday Favorites. A lot of times I find myself wanting to tell you guys about something I’ve been loving but it’s kinda random or I don’t really want to devote an entire post on it so this is where I’ll be sharing it! It’ll be like taking a peek inside my “medicine cabinet” aka my life lol.

When I rounded up all my faves for today I noticed a little theme – a wellness theme. Which makes sense since I’ve been focusing on getting my mind and body right (I talk more about weight lose here and how to be successful here). For lent I gave up wine and spending excessive amounts of time on social media. And guess what? I’ve been LOVING it! It’s like I’m cleansing myself from toxins in more ways than one. I think I’ll def be writing a post on this soon but to get back to the point, my favorites for the last couple of weeks are a little bit of skincare and lots of goodies that have been helping me zen out when I need it. read more


Get to Know Celebrity Makeup Artist …

Meet Brandy, my fairy glam-mother, as I like to call her. She’s probably my most fabulous and glamorous friend – and I know a lot of fab women! Why do I want you to know her? Because she’s definitely a #GirlBoss, paving the way for women entrepreneurs in the makeup industry. She’s been in the game for years, from owning her own makeup concierge boutique in New Orleans to working with some of the most high-profile celebrities and directing top print and editorial campaigns. read more


Anastasia Beverly Hills Nicole Glow Kit …

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit launches online today and everyone can’t wait to get their hands on it. I’m excited because not only have I been watching Nicole’s Youtube videos for years (think back to the days when she had a stripper pole in her room #noshade), I always love seeing hard-working women succeed and kick serious butt! You go girl!

nicole glow kit review

 The Nicole Glow Kit is the sixth kit from Anastasia but the first glow kit collaboration for the brand. The kit is limited edition and will only be sold at Sephora and It’s comprised of six metallic, powder shades that live within the pinky, peachy, rose gold family. It retails for $40, you get 0.16 oz. of product per shade and can be used to highlight everything from your cheekbones to your collarbone. read more


Armani Power Fabric Foundation Review + Luminous …

When it comes to foundations, Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk is pretty up there in the favorites of favorites of the beauty world. It’s amassed a huge cult following, making it seem like it’s everyones HG foundation. So when I heard Armani was coming out with a new, fuller coverage foundation, aka Power Fabric Longwear High Cover, I was instantly intrigued.

armani power fabric and luminous silk foundation comparison

The two foundations are very different. Power Fabric is full-coverage, with a matte-velvet finish and SPF 25. Luminous Silk is sheer to light medium coverage, with a dewy finish and no SPF. Both are $64 (eek!) and beautiful foundations in their own right but serve completely different purposes. read more


My Favorites in Beauty & Skincare for 2016

2016 favorites

In 2016 I embraced minimal eye makeup, gave nude eyeliner a try (and loved it!), focused more on complexion, and fell in love with face oils. I really stuck to what worked for me and rarely stepped away from warm neutrals and clean makeup. Some might think that’s boring but it really allowed me to find stand out products that are now holy grail status.

My favorites in beauty and skincare of 2016 is made up of products I wouldn’t dream of going without. Many of them you’ve seen in previous posts and some are completely brand new. They’re helped streamline my beauty routine and many times helped me get a few more minutes of sleep in the morning knowing I had products I could count on! Keep reading for my stand outs! Maybe you’ll find some future favorites too! read more