3 Reasons to Love Red Lips this …

There are many things that scream holiday season and red lips are definitely one of them. Some people think they’re overplayed while others love a crimson smile. I personally don’t feel I’ve fully embraced the holidays until I’ve worn my favorite red lipstick.

 That’s because when it comes to classic holiday makeup looks, red lips will always top the list. I still remember the first time I wore Mac’s “Ruby Woo.” It was a complete game-changer! If you’ve never fully gotten on board with rouge lipsticks there’s no better time than now. Keep reading for my top three reasons to love red lips this holiday season. read more


November Beauty Favorites


Happy Monday! I feel like I haven’t done a beauty favorites in a while and that’s because I haven’t LOL. Honestly I just hadn’t been wowed by many makeup products lately. But I’ve found some products that have the potential to become holy grail status! That’s a pretty big deal, and when it’s a big deal you guys have to know about it!

These products have been so good to me I haven’t gone more than a day without wearing one of them. Hopefully you find some new loves and try products you might not have otherwise. read more


My Go-To Fall Makeup Look



Nothing makes me happier than looking polished without spending tons of time and effort! Okay, I can think of a few things, but when you’ve overslept and only have limited time to get out the door, it’s nice having a makeup look you can count on.


I was truly tested yesterday when my alarm didn’t go off and I woke up thirty minutes before I had to leave to meet a friend for coffee! I literally jumped out of my bed in a frenzy, with no direction. Glad you guys weren’t there to witness it! Just my grandma who I’ve been rooming with since I’m staying with fam during my time in Arizona! LOL. (She couldn’t stop laughing.) read more


Beauty Products Worth the Splurge

I hope by now we’ve all come to the realization that big brand names don’t always mean high quality. Just read my 15 under $15 post and you’ll find a slew of drugstore products I still love and would highly recommend over and over again.

Today, though, we’re diving into the luxe end. These items have cringe-worthy price tags but man are they worth it. Like really worth. Like I just close-my-eyes-and-hand-over-the-credit-card-when-it-comes-time-to-repurchase worth it because I know I can’t live without them.

So keep reading for the beauty products worth your money honey!



7 Best Face Masks for Clear Glowing …

best face masks

 Masks have gone from being a fun, girls’ night in activity to essentials in my skincare routine. About three months ago I decided I was going to make sure I did a mask at least once a week. And since I made that slight change, I’ve seen a big difference in the way my skin looks and feels.

Because I’m extremely acne-prone and scar easily, you’ll find my faves are all about purifying the skin and evening out the skin tone. My favorite thing to do is multi-mask, which is using different masks in different areas of my face depending on the skin concern. It’s a quick and easy way to customize my routine and take care of multiple concerns at the same time. read more


Current Beauty Favorites

beauty faves

The last time I did a “favorites” post was over a year ago (you can find it HERE). I don’t know what took me so long to update you guys but the products I’m about to chat about are pretty amazing and well worth the wait. They’re the products I can count on to give me the results I want and it’s always perfection.

From self-tanners to foundations, these beauty products have proven themselves month after month and have now become staples in my makeup and skincare routines! Keep reading to find out why I love them so much and why juuust maybe you should make a special trip to your nearest cosmetic counter to pick them up! read more


Sephora VIB Rouge Event Tips and …

(Click HERE for my November 2016 picks and wishlist!)

I am such a bargain shopper it’s not even funny. I will scour the internet for promo codes and wait for sales before I make any purchases. So it’s no surprise I love when the Sephora VIB Rouge event rolls around. I always pair my discount with Ebates online to save even more (Right now Sephora is 4% cash back on all purchases and yes Ebates DOES work. I’ve been using it for about two years now and absolutely love it!)

VIB Rouge Sale

Today I’m talking about some of my tips for making your VIB Rouge discount go the furthest (like pairing it with Ebates) and my recommendations on what to splurge on (which you’ll find under each category)! read more


How to Fake Perfect Skin – Marc …

Talking about Marc Jacobs Re(Marc)able Foundation has been long overdue because although I mentioned it in my Top 15 of 2015, I only glossed over the main points. With its many mixed reviews, it can get lost in the endless sea of foundations. Keep reading if you’re on the fence, and decide for yourself if this foundation is what you’ve been looking for.

Marc Jacobs remarcable

I’ve been testing Full Cover for several months now and I really do love it. Yes Marc Jacobs Re(Marc)able Full Cover Foundation has its shortcomings (don’t we all?) but I’ve accepted it for who it really is: a FULL coverage, satin-matte, lightweight foundation that even on my worst days makes me feel like the best version of me. read more


7 Winter to Spring Beauty Tips

It’s natural that around the winter months we tend to go vampy with our looks and opt for darker, mauvey hues. But when I start feeling the warm tinge of spring telling me we’re leaving winter, my brain can’t help but yell, “Where are my corals?! My bronzers?! And for goodness sake’s give me anything floral!” And this year I am so ready for that!  spring essentials

Today I’m sharing seven beauty tips to go from winter to spring with ease! It’s my little way of welcoming the change in weather through different makeup looks. read more