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Trendy Work Clothes On A Budget

Dressing for an office setting while still showing off your personal style can be a little complicated at times. You want to be professional (I mean, it took long enough to land the job!) but you also don’t want to lose your fashion sense in what can sometimes be a stuffy corporate world.

If you work in fashion (or any creative) space you might have some wiggle room, but for the most part, adapting to the office dress code and adding your personal flair can be a tricky balancing act.

Add sticking to a budget and we’re in a whole ‘nother world of fun! read more


4th of July Outfit Ideas

Hey hey it’s Monday! And I’m back with a quick inspiration post! 4th of July is two weeks away (what?) and I’d be lying if I said 4th of July outfit ideas come easily to me. Depending on what your plans are, you either choose to go all out decked in red, white and blue or you pay homage in a more subtle way. If you’re celebrating with a significant other you might even choose to coordinate, with one wearing the blue and the other red. I’m a little of both. I like to wear the colors but not in a very in-your-face way. read more

A Little About Me, Ilse

Hi beauty! I'm Ilse (ill-say)! Welcome to LiveLearnLuxeIt! A place where I share a medley of my loves - from fashion and beauty to lifestyle topics like marriage and #girlpower! My passion is to cultivate honest conversations between the women who are the doers and shakers of the world (or aspire to be!), and provide a source of inspiration for the modern woman.

I currently live in Connecticut with my husband of five years but have a special place in my heart for Arizona (my home state), where I graduated from ASU with a degree in Journalism.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you decide to stay awhile!

Stamford, CT

Easy Summer Look To Copy Now

I seem to have an #ootd type. Comfortable. Stylish. Easy. It’s a running theme with the looks I gravitate toward. Can you blame me? I want my outfits to look like I spent hours thinking them over but really it was a 1, 2, 3 decision. Especially for summer! The weather’s hot, it’s sticky and sometimes looking good is the last thing on my mind. (I’m talking to you, Arizona weather.) But I seem to have found the solution to this dilemma – maxi skirts! They work every time and it’s an easy summer look to copy now because you probably already own and have all the pieces in your closet! read more

Stamford, CT

How To Wear The “Shirt Around …

It took 29 years for me to finally give into the shirt around the waist trend – which, let’s be honest, really just shows how stubborn I can be.

I didn’t give into it as a kid when all my friends were rockin’ their big puffer jackets around their waists, and I didn’t give into it just recently when 90’s fashion made a roaring comeback.

I gave into it just this past weekend when this super simple (and affordable!) nude tank dress just so happened to be hanging next to my very loved jean jacket. I looked at the two and something just clicked. The outfit isn’t revolutionary by any means but it felt right, and most importantly, it didn’t feel super young. It just gave laid-back, yet chic vibes which instantly convinced me that the shirt around the waist trend will be a repeat offender all summer – you’ve been warned 😉 read more

Stamford, CT

Small Ways to Update Your Summer …

Happy Monday beauties! This past Saturday was one of the most beautiful Saturdays in Connecticut – and then the rain came on Sunday. But for a brief moment we had summer and it hit me that my wardrobe is far from summer ready. And don’t even get me started on beach body ready. Have you seen that meme that says “The beach gonna get whatever body I give it“? Ya, that’s me right now.

But back to my closet woes, it’s been going through a transition – partly because some days are still light sweater weather and also my closet is in shambles from my recent move. Since I’ve been having to update my summer wardrobe on the fly, I thought I’d share some small ways to update your summer wardrobe that don’t cost much and take minimal effort! read more

Stamford, CT

How “Grit” Might Be The Best …

I was listening to a TED Radio Hour podcast (you guys, I’m currently obsessed with podcasts!) and I decided to play one named “Success.” How appealing right? Teach me all there is to know about being successful! They went through different definitions of “assumed” success, discussed why we’re so obsessed with it and how we should perhaps look at success less objectively. I loved all the speakers (including Tony Robbins) but today I want to focus on psychologist Angela Lee Duckworth and her concept on how grit might be the best trait for success. read more

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June Goals

Before the start of a new month, it’s always helpful to sit down and re-evaluate the month before. Especially if you work for yourself, it’s important to have a clear understanding of the highs and lows of the previous month, what worked, what didn’t, and what you want to accomplish in the upcoming month. After all, how do we succeed and grow without paying attention to our past behaviors and their outcomes? That’s why before I jump head first into June I thought I’d share my June goals, both personal and professional, in hopes of inspiring you to do the same. read more

Notting Hill

What to Buy During the Nordstrom …

Happy almost-Memorial Day weekend guys! I’m so excited to have this weekend at home with my husband doing absolutely nothing. Well, not really. We’ll be getting our apartment together (hopefully for good), and then we’ll get to r-e-l-a-x! Going on vacation is so much fun but it definitely takes a lot out of you.. not complaining though!

There are a ton of sales going on right now but I gotta say the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale is one of my faves. I love it because you can shop so many different high-end brands without going from website to website. And it’s not the “leftover” stuff either! You know what I’m talking about, right? It’s such a disappointment when stores say they’re having a sale but really it’s everything nobody wants. #nothankyou read more


The Perfect Paris Moment

When my husband and I stepped foot off our long flight abroad, we both glanced at each other with huge grins. The excitement definitely took over the exhaustion we felt and we were so happy to be experiencing Europe together for the next 10 days – something we both dreamed of for a very long time. I’ll be honest and say I was most excited to check Paris off my bucket list. I mean, come on!? How do you not wanderlust over the beauty and history of this city? And when I saw the Eiffel Tower for the first time? Well that was the perfect Paris moment! read more


What to Wear to a Cinco …

Hola mis señoritas mas bonitas! Today we’re celebrating Cinco de Mayo a little early and chatting what to wear to a Cinco de Mayo fiesta if you’re heading to one (or two) this weekend. Being 100% Mexicana, my inner latina adores the deep rooted vibrancy and loud colors you find when you dive into traditional Mexican clothing. It goes beyond the big sombreros and mustache-inspired shirts and knick-knacks. Sure those are fun but if you want to be, shall we say, a little more subtle, an off-the-shoulder top will do the trick! Add beautiful embroidery or a simple flowy dress (like this one) and you’ll be ready to celebrate in true Mexican-inspired flair. Pom-poms are a huge trend right now so if you own any dresses or tops with this cute detail even better. read more


The Perfect Date Night Outfit

Greetings from Montréal! Or should I say bonjour? The hubs and I arrived on Thursday and we’re here because he’s playing in a hockey tournament. This is my second year coming with him and I always have such a great time. I gotta say so far Old Montréal is my favorite area because 1. the Notre Dame Basilica is just stunning and 2. the cobblestone roads are so cool and they’re getting me excited for Paris!

It’s funny I’m sharing this beautiful coral lace skirt today because I actually got it during last year’s Montréal visit. It’s from Zara but I found an almost identical one from White House Black Market (and it’s currently 30% off!). I’m completely embracing lace for spring right now. It’s no secret I’m obsessed with lace anything but there’s just something about the classic, romantic feeling lace gives to any piece of clothing that makes it the perfect date night outfit! Normally you’d find me in white lace but vibrant colors, like this coral pencil skirt, help bring a little spring and summer to any transitioning wardrobe. read more