Traveling To London For The First …

If you’re traveling to London for the first time, I’m so jealous! It’s a beautiful city and you’re about to have the time of your life! But before you can hop on a plane and start your overseas adventure (assuming you’re traveling from the U.S), there are a few things you’ve gotta do to prepare properly.

My husband and I just traveled abroad together for the first time. We started in London, then Paris, Barcelona and ended in Madrid (I’ll be doing a travel guide for each city so stay tuned!). I definitely did my fair share of stalking the internet for all the travel tips I could find. I researched hotels, neighborhoods, top tourist attractions and even made a list of the most raved about restaurants. Some of our days I planned out to the last minute, others I gave ourselves wiggle room to explore and be a little spontaneous. read more

Stamford, CT

How “Grit” Might Be The Best …

I was listening to a TED Radio Hour podcast (you guys, I’m currently obsessed with podcasts!) and I decided to play one named “Success.” How appealing right? Teach me all there is to know about being successful! They went through different definitions of “assumed” success, discussed why we’re so obsessed with it and how we should perhaps look at success less objectively. I loved all the speakers (including Tony Robbins) but today I want to focus on psychologist Angela Lee Duckworth and her concept on how grit might be the best trait for success. read more

A Little About Me, Ilse

Hi beauty! I'm Ilse (ill-say)! Welcome to LiveLearnLuxeIt! A place where I share a medley of my loves - from fashion and beauty to lifestyle topics like marriage and #girlpower! My passion is to cultivate honest conversations between the women who are the doers and shakers of the world (or aspire to be!), and provide a source of inspiration for the modern woman.

I currently live in Connecticut with my husband of five years but have a special place in my heart for Arizona (my home state), where I graduated from ASU with a degree in Journalism.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you decide to stay awhile!

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June Goals

Before the start of a new month, it’s always helpful to sit down and re-evaluate the month before. Especially if you work for yourself, it’s important to have a clear understanding of the highs and lows of the previous month, what worked, what didn’t, and what you want to accomplish in the upcoming month. After all, how do we succeed and grow without paying attention to our past behaviors and their outcomes? That’s why before I jump head first into June I thought I’d share my June goals, both personal and professional, in hopes of inspiring you to do the same. read more


The Perfect Paris Moment

When my husband and I stepped foot off our long flight abroad, we both glanced at each other with huge grins. The excitement definitely took over the exhaustion we felt and we were so happy to be experiencing Europe together for the next 10 days – something we both dreamed of for a very long time. I’ll be honest and say I was most excited to check Paris off my bucket list. I mean, come on!? How do you not wanderlust over the beauty and history of this city? And when I saw the Eiffel Tower for the first time? Well that was the perfect Paris moment! read more


Our 5 Year Wedding Anniversary

Today is our 5 year wedding anniversary and I really can’t believe it. The time has flown by and I find myself more in love with my husband than I’ve ever been. I ask myself (daily) what I did to deserve such a good man. I don’t know the answer but I thank my lucky stars our paths crossed 9 years ago.

wedding at st mary's basilica phoenix az

st. mary's basilica downtown phx az weddingstonebridge manor wedding

I can truly go on and on and on about the wonderful man my husband is but I’m going to save that for him. He’s not really the mushy, post-it-on-social-media type anyway so I’ll respect that. read more


Casual Spring Weekend Outfit + 3 Things I’…

Ah Monday, we meet again and this time, I’m actually happy to see you. This week I’ve got something really fun I’ve been waiting, what seems like, forever to share with you all. Keep your eyes on my Insta because you’re gonna love it!

Another thing I know you’re going to love? Pairing distressed jeans with duster jackets for a casual spring weekend outfit. I’ve styled this olive duster so many times on the blog (find the looks here and here) and that’s because it’s one of my favorite ways to “chic-up” an outfit. I love throwing leggings and a sweatshirt on as much as the next girl but sometimes they can be too casual. This simple weekend outfit works because the boyfriend jeans are not restrictive and the duster jacket is a light, flowy fabric that moves with you and doesn’t fit too tight. Everything about this outfit says you’re in chill mode and ready to enjoy your weekend plans. read more


5 Keys to Success from Top Entrepreneurs

Trying to build something out of nothing is a very daunting task. The will, the passion, the courage all have to be there, and they have to be greater than your desire to quit when times get tough. And times will get tough. More often than not you’ll hear “no” rather than “yes” and people will dismiss your work before praising it. Especially if you’re new and trying to prove your worth.

This past weekend I got the chance to attend a Power Brunch in NYC. The panelists included top entrepreneurs in the food, blogging, fitness, beauty even tea industry. They shared their journey, struggles and accomplishments and gave us tons of real-life advice on how they found success. There were so many good points made but a few kept coming up so I thought I’d share with you, what I’ve dawned, 5 keys to success from top entrepreneurs. read more


Friday Favorites 4.7.17 + GIVEAWAY (Closed)

It’s been a slow week around the blog and that’s because it’s been a crazy week in real life. If you follow me on Instagram (or read this post) then you know we’ve been searching for a new apartment. We love the place we have now but it’s too far from my husband’s job (he has a four hour commute – two hours each way!). Bless his heart. But we finally settled on a place {cue the confetti} and I’m pretty excited about it. I’m the type of person who likes to turn every stone before making a decision, which is good (and sometimes really bad), and finally I just let go and went with the place that felt the most home-y. read more


Friday Favorites 3.24.17

Two weeks ago I started a new bi-weekly series on the blog called Friday Favorites where I want to share things and products that are making a big difference in my daily life. I don’t always find a place for them to share so I figured I’d create one 🙂 If you missed it definitely check it out here because I’m still obsessing over all those products – especially this tea.

I had a bit of a wellness theme going for the first post and today I’m seeing lots of pink, which I’m totally okay with. A couple of the products are skincare related and others have been helping me look my best self so keep reading for my recent faves. read more


8 Things To Do When You’re …

If you live in the Northeast you’re probably snowed in like me. You can bet I’m currently sitting in my pajamas, enjoying a warm beverage and admiring the winter wonderland that’s now my front yard. Life is pretty cozy right now.

Growing up in Arizona I thought snow days were just something kids in movies got to do. Now as an adult (and not a fan of the cold) it’s funny I ended up in Connecticut where the winters can get pretty bitter and snow days are inevitable. Truth be told I’ve actually grown to like them because they force me to take it easy and just relax. read more


Friday Favorites 3.10.17

I’m starting a little bi-weekly series on the blog called Friday Favorites. A lot of times I find myself wanting to tell you guys about something I’ve been loving but it’s kinda random or I don’t really want to devote an entire post on it so this is where I’ll be sharing it! It’ll be like taking a peek inside my “medicine cabinet” aka my life lol.

When I rounded up all my faves for today I noticed a little theme – a wellness theme. Which makes sense since I’ve been focusing on getting my mind and body right (I talk more about weight lose here and how to be successful here). For lent I gave up wine and spending excessive amounts of time on social media. And guess what? I’ve been LOVING it! It’s like I’m cleansing myself from toxins in more ways than one. I think I’ll def be writing a post on this soon but to get back to the point, my favorites for the last couple of weeks are a little bit of skincare and lots of goodies that have been helping me zen out when I need it. read more