Daily Habits That Might Be Aging You

We should all be so lucky to grow old and gray, but if I can age gracefully I’m all for it. By now we all know sunscreen is a must, washing your face at night should be second nature and applying skincare products should go beyond the face (neck and hands ladies!), but it’s also good to be aware of certain daily habits that might be aging you.

See, the right skincare can only do so much. Like with exercise and diet, you won’t be successful without taking both into consideration. I’ve had a skincare routine since before I turned 20 (mostly for acne reasons) so for me this stuff is so much fun and essential. Now that I’m getting older, how I treat my skin is more important than ever. So if you’re anything like me, keep reading for my list of sneaky aging habits.

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Drinking Through a Straw

I know so many people who can’t drink anything without a straw and although it’s great for your teeth if you’re drinking cold brew or soda, it’s not good for your smile lines. The sipping motion creates wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth that with time become permanent.

Rubbing your Skin

Making sure your sunscreen and skincare is fully absorbed into your skin is important but that doesn’t mean you should rub aggressively. Try to pat or dab instead. It’ll give you the same result without inadvertently harming your skin. Same goes when drying your face. Try to avoid rubbing or tugging on your skin with your towel. Just pat. Especially around the eye area.

Drinking Too Much

Everyone knows too much alcohol is a no-no but do you know why? Obviously health reasons are number one but it also dehydrates you (like my beloved coffee) and it shows up on your skin. It manifests itself into dry skin, accentuating fine lines and stealing your glow. If you’ve been noticing that your skin isn’t looking as vibrant or naturally flushed as usual, try lowering your alcohol intake and upping your water consumption.

Setting your Heat Too High or Bathing in Really Hot Water

This one is such a bummer for me because I love a good hot shower! Especially since it’s been so cold out. But unfortunately it’s so harmful for your skin (and your hair!). It completely dries them out and makes your skin crack and feel tight. Setting your heat too high on your thermostat also does the same thing – it’s very similar to what happens when you fly. The moisture gets sucked out and gradually makes it look lackluster.

Sleeping on Your Face

Another bummer for me because I get the best sleep on my stomach. But years ago I started “training” myself to sleep on my back for this very reason (and also for when I decide to have babies). Now it comes naturally to me and I don’t get the crease lines on my face anymore. Those will be the culprits for future wrinkles. If you’ve gotta sleep on your stomach, silk pillowcases are ideal. I don’t own any so I can’t recommend a brand but when I find really good ones you’ll be the first to know.

Do you avoid certain habits for anti-aging reasons? I’d love to know what you guys do to stay looking young and fab!

Until next time loves!