7 Easy Winter Skin Care Tips

winter skincare tips

Lucky you if you’re reading this in 85 degree weather. Enjoy your perfect day, with perfect sunshine, wearing your perfect t-shirt.. I’m not bitter 😉 I, on the other hand, am surrounded by snow here in good ol’ Connecticut. I think if I actually took pics of what I’ve worn this past week you’d think I was in a different state every day. The weather has been seriously bonkers!

This up and down weather got me thinking about skin care and how it’s so necessary to take care of our skin accordingly. I know many of us have a set routine we love but during the colder months it’s so important to give our skin some extra T.L.C. For me the area around my mouth gets dry and flaky, making it almost impossible to apply foundation smoothly. To keep it from happening this year I’ve been following these tips religiously and thought I’d share them with you today.


cleansing balms and oils to remove makeup

I stopped using wipes to remove the first layer of my makeup about a year ago (double cleansing is life!) and my skin welcomed the change. During the colder months I highly recommend switching to a more nourishing makeup remover so that your skin isn’t stripped and left feeling tight. I tagged my favorites but on most days I use my LancĂ´me oil.


But only about twice a week! Dead skin acts as a barrier for moisturizer so it’s important to remove it on a consistent basis. Another way to exfoliate is through peels or masks. While those are amazing and I highly recommend them, make sure you don’t over do it because it can actually hurt your skin making it look rubbery and aged.


how to prep skin during winter
skincare for dry skin

This tip isn’t necessarily just for cold months – it’s essential anytime you wear makeup. Prepping your skin with the right products will not only make sure your makeup goes on evenly, it will help it last all day. I alternate between all the products above but my can’t-live-without products are Mario Badescu’s mist for setting and refreshing throughout the day (I talk more in depth about my love affair with this product here and here) and Bobbi Brown’s face base. It’s an oil-free primer cream that has saved my skin this winter. I adore it and recommend especially if you’re on the oiler side but get dry during the winter.


best spf

People have the misconception that SPF is only necessary during summer or if you’re spending the day outside. That’s far from the truth! UVA (aging rays) and UVB (burning rays) are sneaky and seep through work and home windows. Snow also intensifies and reflects sunlight causing major damage if you’re not protected. Whether you decide to use a moisturizer with SPF or have two separate products, make sure you use them every day. (Makeup with SPF does not count!)


Just like the skin on our face gets dry during colder months, so does the rest of our body and hair. The best way to maximize moisture is to apply your body butters right out of the shower when skin is still a little damp. Try not to use super hot water when showering since that can dry out skin and hair too. My favorite way to treat dry hair is by masking weekly and sleeping with coconut oil in my hair at least once a week – it makes a huge difference! Just make sure to wash out before styling the next day.


I used to drink water like a maniac (that’s a funny image) when I lived in Arizona but when I moved to Connecticut that changed. You’re suppose to drink eight 8-ounce glasses, or half a gallon a day which to me doesn’t sound like a lot but it’s definitely hard to do if you don’t normally drink much. Infusing my water with fruit has been a great motivator to do so. I actually plan on buying a cute countertop water dispenser and filling it up with half a gallon every day to make sure I’m drinking the necessary amount.


winter skin care tips
best oils for dry skin

I saved the best for last because this was one of the best things I did for my skin last year. I got hooked on facial oils when I tried Drunk Elephant’s Marula Oil but it’s quite pricey. I found an alternative with Acure and I’m currently on my second bottle. I wrote about the benefits here so I won’t go into depth but it’s my go-to for my night time routine. I use derma e’s oil over my daytime moisturizer but under my Bobbi Brown face base for extra hydration during the day. It works really well because it’s the lightest of all the oils I use and absorbs quickly. Actually Organic’s Argan Oil is my fave for days I don’t wear makeup but I still want to hydrate my skin, or I’ll sometimes use it at night.

Another oil that’s great for acne-prone skin during winter is Sunday Riley’s U.F.O. It’s a dry oil that has 1.5% salicylic acid to help with congested skin and breakouts. Acne medications can be drying but because this medicine is delivered in an oil form it counterbalances that side effect.

sunday riley ufo

Whether your skin is dry year round or you experience dryness because of the cold weather, I hope these easy tips help you during the winter months. Let me know if you’re already using any of these tips and what helps your skin stay hydrated during cooler weather?

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