Favorite Products To Travel With


If you read my last post and follow me on Instagram then you already know I’m visiting family and friends in Arizona. From here I’ll be traveling to Vegas for just a couple of days then end my vacation in Nashville where I’m meeting up with two dear friends! I am one lucky gal.

All this traveling had me dreading the packing process. I pretty much wanted to throw everything in my suitcase but I stopped myself.. as much as I could! LOL. So far these products have been making my traveling so much easier because they’ve kept my skin healthy (which always tends to go crazy when I travel) and they’ve kept me organized. I have a feeling they’ll be staples for a long time!



This super cute laundry bag has been a life saver so far! Not only have I kept my dirty clothes in one spot, I’ve kept them out-of-sight! I haven’t had any issues with my clean clothes mixing with my dirty clothes and I love how it doesn’t take much space up when I’m done using it.



This little guy was an investment but it’s been so worth it! I’m staying with family as well as hotels this trip so I knew I wanted a trusty brow dryer while I traveled. Not only is it adorable and looking at it puts me in a good mood, but I feel it’s been helping with getting my hair back to a healthy state. I also get lots of compliments when I style my hair with it. It’s super light and the air temperature is just right so it doesn’t fry or damage my hair further.



I’ve been meaning to talk about the Foreo for quite some time now and I’m so happy I’m finally getting around to it. I’ve been using it consistently for about 8 months now and my skin loves it. It’s not too abrasive but helps me deep cleanse my skin while I shower. I love that it’s portable (aka teeny-tiny) so it doesn’t take much space and you only have to charge it every 6 months. I loved using it with THIS CLEANSER but recently switched to THIS ONE and both help with texture and problematic skin.


It took me a long time to find the right travel makeup bag and this one has been so helpful. It has a special compartment for makeup brushes, which won me over, and lots of spaces for all my lotions and potions. I have everything in one spot now and I love it!



I’ve been pleasantly surprised with this face oil from Sunday Riley. I ran out of my usual acne treatment so I decided to give this a shot while traveling and I’ve fallen in love. Since it’s an oil it’s been keeping my acne at bay without drying my skin. I’ve been using it every other night underneath my moisturizer. One drop goes a long way!



I’ve spoken about this facial spray many, many times and I’m happy to talk about it again! Basically it’s my mid-day refresher, my makeup setting spray, I damp my beauty blender with it and I use it to intensify my eyeshadows. I can’t go without it!


What products make your travels easier? Let me know below! And check out THIS post if you want to read about my favorite carry-on products and tip!



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    I love all kinds of packing posts.
    My products to travel with: I use a dustbag (the kind that comes w/ a bag/shoes) for dirty clothes, lots of cosmetic pouches to keep things organized, face and makeup wipes, mini toothpastes from the dentist (lol!), and a cute train case from the target/calyspo collab.