First Dates

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Happy Monday loves! This past weekend was such a relaxing one with the hubs. I think the snow forced us to take it easy for once. Saturday’s weather wasn’t too bad so we took the opportunity to head to the mall for the afternoon (that’s where we were going in case you caught my awesome lip-synching on InstaStories lol) but Sunday we woke up to tons of snow and stayed home. I definitely did my fair share of vegging out on the couch and watched The Grammy’s and The Walking Dead.

On Sunday one of those “Friendaversary” posts popped up and informed me that nine years ago the hubs and I became Facebook friends. Obviously I congratulated the guy on his decision to send me a “friend request” and we got to talking about our first dates. One of my favorites to look back on is probably our third one.

He invited me over to his place for a home-cooked meal. We were broke college students at the time so he didn’t have a dining table. When it came time to eat the delicious spaghetti he had cooked for us, he, gentlemanly, gave me the desk chair and he sat on a flipped over trash can. We ate holding our paper plates in one hand and the fork in the other. Eating the spaghetti was pretty awkward but getting to know him a little better that date wasn’t.

Since then he’s made up for some pretty funny dates with many romantic gestures, but I always love looking back at how this whole thing started and how far we’ve come together. So if I can give any advice on first dates is focus on the morals, passions, and aspirations of the person. I always notice how they treat the waiter/waitress too. Success will come to those who work hard but if they’re not a good person inside, that will never change.

I am seriously dying to hear your funny/interesting/embarrassing/romantic first date stories! Especially if you ended up getting married. Share them with me below!

Happy (early) Valentine’s Day everyone!