Friday Favorites 3.24.17

Two weeks ago I started a new bi-weekly series on the blog called Friday Favorites where I want to share things and products that are making a big difference in my daily life. I don’t always find a place for them to share so I figured I’d create one 🙂 If you missed it definitely check it out here because I’m still obsessing over all those products – especially this tea.

I had a bit of a wellness theme going for the first post and today I’m seeing lots of pink, which I’m totally okay with. A couple of the products are skincare related and others have been helping me look my best self so keep reading for my recent faves.

ilse livelearnluxeit friday faves clarisonic

ilse livelearnluxeit st tropez one night only
ilse livelearnluxeit topshop high waisted black jeans

Clarisonic Mia 2

I’ll be honest and say I’m pretty shocked I’ve been loving my Clarisonic lately. I’ve been using this other device for about a year now and recently the battery ran out. I couldn’t – and still can’t – find the charger so I picked up my Clarisonic that’s been sitting in my bathroom cupboard collecting dust. Surprisingly my skin has been loving it (not the dust, I cleaned that off). I think it has a lot to do with how I’ve been using it, or not overusing it. I don’t press it into my skin and I just let the device do the work. I’ve also been using it with a gentle cleanser, which makes a big difference. I still love my other device and think it’s great for people with sensitive skin, but if you’re hoping for something a little more deep-cleansing, go with the Clarisonic.

ilse livelearnluxeit clarisonic mia 2

St. Tropez One Night Only Wash Off Face & Body Lotion

I’ve been using this body lotion like crazy every time I have a special event. It’s not going to give you an intense color but it will give a natural, bronze tan. It’s super easy to use, doesn’t streak and doesn’t transfer as much as other lotions I’ve tried. At the end of the night it washes off with water. There is a deeper shade but the light/medium is my favorite.

ilse livelearnluxeit st tropez one night only body lotion

Topshop High-Waisted Moto Joni Jeans

Yes, yes and yes! I am so in love with these high-waisted jeans! If you follow me on Instagram then I’m sure you’re sick of me talking about these jeans but honestly, they’re so great I can’t help it. They’re extremely flattering and feel like loungewear. I wore them in this post and also this one so ya, I’m pretty obsessed.

ilse livelearnluxeit topshop high waisted black jeans street wear
ilse livelearnluxeit topshop high waisted jeans street style

Vovo Organics Almond Blossom Nourishing Skin Oil

This past weekend I got the chance to visit Vovo Organics in New Haven, which is a spa boutique that features organic and all natural ingredients in their products. They have everything from bath bombs to skin oils and they were kind enough to send all the bloggers in attendance home with their Almond Blossom skin oil. I had to mention it today because its quickly become my favorite way to moisturize after I shower. The oil is lightweight and has the beautiful almond scent which I love! Vovo plans to open a tea bar soon so you can sip organic tea while you shop which I am all about! Definitely check them out if you find yourself in the New Haven area!

ilse livelearnluxeit blogger favorite
ilse livelearnluxeit vovo organics almond blossom oil

Hello Gorgeous Mug

I found this mug at Target for under $6 and I had to have it. Not only is it cute but it’s a pretty descent size. Coffee makes my world go round and this mug has been making my mornings that much better. That’s pretty much all.. I like cute mugs and I cannot lie.

ilse livelearnluxeit hello gorgeous mug

And a little bonus favorite.. THIS IS US! Yes, like in the show. I’m glad to throw my name in with people who can’t stop talking about it because it’s that good. Yes it’s going to make you cry, or at least make you feel some type of way, and yes Jack is the greatest T.V. dad/husband that ever existed but I love it because it’s a beautiful, honest look at relationships and the real things that make us, us. I’m so corny but I LIVE FOR CORNY! lol..

Alright guys I hope your day has been off to a great start and as always, let me know what you’ve been loving. I go through phases where I feel like shopping and then don’t for months and right now I’m in a shopping phase so I’d love to try out new products per your recommendations!

Happy Weekend!