How to Get Rid of Your “Winter Bod”

how to get rid of your winter bod

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how to lose winter weight

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Now that we’re well into January you might be feeling those fitness resolution blues. Maybe you got a gym membership and went four times the first week and twice this past week, but this week is looking super busy so who knows if you’ll be able to make it. If this isn’t you and you’re still going strong I applaud you but if it is, this post is for you!

Setting a goal to be healthier in 2017 is a fab idea (it was one of my resolutions too) but in order to be successful I think you have to sit down and really think about why you’re doing it and what’s your end goal? Come 2018, how will you define this goal as a success?

how to lose winter bod

I’m not super consistent with my work outs or eating super healthy but my approach to fitness is a feeling, not a number on the scale. In fact, we didn’t even own a scale until a week ago – and that was because my husband randomly came home with one. In all honesty I hate weighing myself and refuse to do so unless it’s at the doctors or absolutely necessary.

When I start feeling sluggish or my pants aren’t fitting how I’d like them to, that’s how I know I’m over-indulging and need a re-set on my lifestyle choices. I don’t look at it as punishing myself but rather understanding that in order to be healthy you have to make smarter choices – food and working out just being the tip of the iceberg. There are ways to go about reaching your fitness goals without driving yourself crazy so I’m sharing what I like to do when I need to lose some lbs. and start making better fitness decisions.

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The holidays are a time of celebration and tons of gatherings, and if you’re of age that means champagne and wine for days! Great while you’re toasting to the good life but those calories add up fast. My first order of business come January was seriously taking a look at how much I was consuming and cutting back. It makes a huge difference on the waist line and saving money.

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My husband just started meal prepping and I gotta say its motivated me to take a closer look at what I’m eating during my lunch breaks. I hate cooking and love fast and easy meals so of course I always opt for eating out. No more! Setting some time before the week begins to prep meals 1) helps eliminate the temptation of fast food chains 2) helps you save money and 3) makes you feel good and accomplished!

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The way I look at weight lose goals is how I look at skincare goals: It’s going to take consistency, time, effort, and dedication to get you to where you want to be. Fast weight lose isn’t even healthy so why go that route? Slow and steady wins the race with fitness in my opinion so remember to give yourself time and learn to be kind to yourself.

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Hopefully some of these tips are helpful and remind you that fitness goals take a lot of time. After all, don’t they say it takes at least 21 days to form a habit? I’d love to hear what you do to lose winter weight and what motivates you to stay fit!? I hope to be better to myself this year and completely believe it starts with the right state of mind.