How to Look Put Together With Little Effort

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how to look put together with little effort
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Sweater: Zara Wrap Cardigan || Top: Scallop Frill Tee || Gray Jeans: Similar HERE and HERE || Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs || Sneakers: J. Slides

Looking put together with little effort is an art. When I hear people say “Oh I just threw this on,” more often than not they definitely thought about it a bit and have a reason for their choice of clothing – it’s rarely ever random. The magic is in the fact that they didn’t obsess over every detail and somehow still look incredibly polished.

Today I want to talk about small tips that can guide you the next time you’re just “throwing something on.” You can make a statement without wearing heels and a tight dress, and can look expensive without spending a lot of money!

Make Sure Clothes Fit Properly

Whether you’re trying to look put together for a casual or special event, the fit of your clothes is everything. You can make a $25 Forever 21 dress look expensive if it fits like it was made for you. I’m only 5’1″ and a lot of my pants need to be hemmed. I used to just fold them under (big no-no) and realized it was making my expensive pants look cheap. When clothes fit properly they hug your shape and don’t add lbs. or weird folds where you don’t want them.

Wear Neutrals 

Right now camel is the new black –  and maybe later olive will be the new black. But black will always be the new black. Whenever you want to look polished with little effort pick clothes within the neutral family. They will always pair well together and flatter any frame.

Remove Chipped Nail Polish

No judgement here if your nails are constantly chipped but the post is about looking put together so I’ll continue 😉 This one is so simple but a lot of us don’t do it (totally guilty sometimes). I know personally I can’t keep up with chipped nail polish so if I don’t have a gel manicure I just throw on a clear glossy coat. That way if it chips no one knows and I can still look put together with little effort.

Opt for Clean Makeup

Just like you own that little black dress that makes you feel oh so good about yourself, you should have a few makeup staples you know deliver. When you don’t have the time (or will) to try to look put together, having efficient products that make you look and feel good will really complete your polished look. I love focusing on the skin and feel that makes me look put together even if I didn’t spend much time on anything else. For others it’s brows or a little concealer under the eyes. Whatever it is, clean makeup goes a long way and brings the whole look together.

Smell Good

I used to work around a lot of women and the ones I remembered the most were the ladies who smelled amazing. Scent lingers and smell is suppose to be the biggest trigger factor for remembering a memory, even people. Spray your signature scent before walking out the door and leave your mark wherever you go.

Is there something you always do when you want to look your best? Share your tip with me! I always love hearing from you guys!