How To Make This Summer’s Biggest Fashion Trends Work For You

Crop tops, gingham and culottes: They’re some of this summer’s biggest fashion trends. And somehow I managed to squeeze them all in one outfit! I know, rebel, but I think I pulled it off?

I’ve always believed that if a current trend doesn’t flatter your body type or style, there’s no harm in taking a pass. Just because it’s a trend doesn’t mean you have to wear it. And that’s probably the best advice I can give you. Make the trends work for you, not the other way around.

That’s what I did with this look. I took each trend and made it work for my personal style. If you’re wondering “Okay, great. But how?” Keep reading for my tips on how to make this summer’s biggest fashion trends work for you, and how to decide which to skip and which to embrace.

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Crop Top: Forever 21, Similar Here and Here || Gingham Culottes: Zara, Similar Here and Here || Nude Heels: Steve Madden || Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs || Sunglasses: Primark, Similar Here || Bag: Louis Vuitton

how to wear this summer's biggest fashion trends
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how to wear this summer's biggest trends

Stick To The Colors You Love

If you’re ready to try a new trend but you’re not 100%, try it in the color palette you’re already used to. Neutrals make me feel at home so I went with navy culottes instead of a bright color. The same goes with the crop top. I would have felt way too out of my comfort zone if I did both at the same time.

Keep The Look Balanced

With crop tops, you really have to be strategic with the bottoms you wear. I love the idea of pairing them with high-waisted pants (or pencil skirts) to keep the look from being too revealing.

Another way I kept this look “balanced”? I chose a tighter top to offset the wide leg of the culottes. An all-baggy look is great, but again for my body type it would swallow my frame.

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Make The Trend Your Own

I mentioned this at the beginning of the post but it’s so important! Culottes are often paired with slide-ons or sneakers. That just doesn’t work for my size because I’m 5’1. Instead, I paired the trend with heels so that the wide-leg, ankle-cut didn’t make me appear shorter and fuller than I really am.

The same goes with the print. I did get a little “adventurous” by going with a gingham bottom instead of a shirt, but I skipped shopping the trend in a dress option because that felt a little too girly for my taste. I thought the gingham culottes gave off a chic vibe which fit my personal style a little better making the trend my own.

Save, Don’t Splurge

It’s easy to head to the mall when new trends pop up but try to think twice. Hold off on the urge to splurge and save that for the classics in your wardrobe. Trends are called trends for a reason so I’d recommend looking at stores like Forever 21 or even Zara for trendy pieces that won’t set you back hundreds.

If you’re debating between trying a trend or not, think about why you want to wear it in the first place? Is it because everyone is wearing it? Or is it because you truly love it? Just remember, you dictate your style. No one else. At the very least try it out. The best fashion trends often come from taking a few risks!

Until next post loves!