June Goals

Before the start of a new month, it’s always helpful to sit down and re-evaluate the month before. Especially if you work for yourself, it’s important to have a clear understanding of the highs and lows of the previous month, what worked, what didn’t, and what you want to accomplish in the upcoming month. After all, how do we succeed and grow without paying attention to our past behaviors and their outcomes? That’s why before I jump head first into June I thought I’d share my June goals, both personal and professional, in hopes of inspiring you to do the same.

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The theme of our vacation was most definitely “Pass me the bread.” We ate and indulged in anything and everything our little hearts desired! I’ll admit since we walked everywhere the lbs. didn’t pack on as much as I thought they would but a few did come back with me as souvenirs of the fun we had so now it’s time to get rid of them and turn off vacation mode.


And I mean consistency in everything! Uploading blog posts, going to the gym, date nights.. just getting back into a routine that feels right for what I’m working toward. Moving and going on a vacation made May one of the craziest months we’ve had in a very long time so getting back into the swing of things is major for June.


Before we moved I donated a ton of clothes, had a garage sale and threw away things that were just taking up space. I thought I got rid of enough stuff but boy was I wrong. Our old place was a two bedroom, one and a half bath townhouse with a garage. Now we live in a one bedroom, one bath apartment and what garage? Talk about a HUGE downsize. But hey we gained a balcony, gym, pool, the best walkable neighborhood, and NYC as our backyard so not complaining. We see ourselves moving into a one bedroom loft in the near future (right in our complex so not a major move) but for now this made budgetary sense. Since losing so much space I’ve had to be strategic in my organizing skillz (Hey Container Store!) but I still have so much to go. I’ve got a post on downsizing coming up in the near future so stay tuned!


I briefly mentioned it in this post but lately my own wardrobe hasn’t been inspiring. I’m finally figuring out what really works for me, what doesn’t, and what I love to wear so it’s time to have my wardrobe reflect that. Don’t worry I’ll totally be taking you guys on this journey and helping you create a wardrobe that works for your style very soon!


If you didn’t know, I went to school for journalism (Hey Walter Cronkite School of Journalism.. Go Sun Devils!) so that explains why blogging was kinda inevitable for me. I’m always tapping away on my laptop but for June I plan to pick up an actual pen and write, maybe even journal. This came about because having internet this past month wasn’t so reliable so a lot of what I wrote I wrote on paper first, then had to transfer over to WordPress. In a way I kinda liked it (not the most time-saving strategy but hey I had to do what I had to do) and now the bug’s bitten me. Cute stationary here I come!

What goals are you striving for in the upcoming months? It’s always nice to sit down and think of what you want to accomplish to help set your mind right!

Hope you’re enjoying this lovely Monday! Until next post!


  • Alyssa Frattaroli

    That dress looks lovely on you! I’m glad you enjoyed vacation.

    I need to spend the spring downsizing my belongings too… craft supplies, makeup, clothes. The next few weeks will be a whirlwind of donation bins and dump runs.

    • Thank you Alyssa! And good luck with downsizing! It’s a pain when you’re doing it but once you’re done it feels amazing to get rid of unnecessary clutter!

      • Alyssa Frattaroli

        You’re so right! It feels so draining while you’re in the midst of it but I know once I’m done purging all the clutter I’m going to be able to breathe easier.

        • Exactly! We’re in it together girl!