Review || L’oreal La Palette Nude 1 + Comparison to Urban Decay Naked Palette & Maybelline ‘The Nudes’

Times are a-changing in the drugstore makeup world. I’ve always loved that I could find beautifully formulated lipsticks, clump-free mascaras, even blendable foundations at the drugstore but rarely pigmented and smooth eyeshadows.

Nude 1

So naturally my expectations weren’t high for the new L’oreal La Palette Nude 1; I purchased it purely for research purposes (promise!) but came out of it pleasantly surprised.

loreal la palette nude 1


Launched: Spring 2015

Contains: 10 neutral (mostly warm) shades with three different finishes (3 matte, 7 satin and/or sheen)

Retailers: Ulta, Target, Wal-Mart, CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Duane Reade, etc.

Price: Suggested retail is $19.99 but it’s been spotted for a lot cheaper (about $15.84 at Wal-Mart or similar pricing during sales)


La Palette Nude 1 Swatches

Individual Swatches

All shadows are buttery, smooth and blend pretty well. They don’t swatch intensely pigmented but I kind of like that; The only shade that swatched a bit powdery was the fourth shade. Otherwise, the shades are ideal for everyday, effortless makeup that you’d wear to work, run errands or to achieve “no makeup” makeup looks.


Comparison of palettes


Loreal vs Urban Decay

As you can tell, the Urban Decay Naked palette swatches significantly more intense than the L’oreal La Palette Nude 1. UD comes with 12 shades, while L’oreal holds 10 but the size of each shadow is larger (0.062 oz. per shadow compared to UD’s 0.05 oz.). L’oreal comes with three mattes while UD comes with two with the rest of its shades shimmery and some more glittery and grittier in texture than L’oreal’s. Both are predominately warm toned neutral palettes but that’s really where the comparison ends. None of the shades are exact dupes and you get extremely different finishes and color pay-off from each palette. So if you own the UD Naked palette, do you need La Palette Nude 1? Not really. But I can see it becoming a favorite among women who prefer softer, neutral shadows without compromising pigmentation.

Loreal vs MaybellineThough a couple of Maybelline’s shadows are pigmented, as a whole L’oreal wins this match. Again you get more shadows in The Nudes palette (12 vs 10) but the size of each shadow is much smaller (0.028 oz. per shadow compared to L’oreal’s 0.062 oz.). You simply get a more consistant palette with La Palette Nude 1. The shadows are smoother, more pigmented and blend better. Again I didn’t find any exact dupes but shadows were more similar between these two palettes than between UD Naked and La Palette Nude 1. Whether you purchased Maybelline’s The Nudes or not, you’ll be happy if you pick up L’oreal Nude 1. The price is slightly higher but definitely worth it.



 I’m really happy I bit the bullet and purchased this palette. I can see it becoming my drugstore go-to when I want to create softer, feminine looks. One of the best things about this palette (besides the handy, large mirror) is that it comes with three matte shadows that actually work. The third shade, in particular, works as a great warm transition shade (which I’ve never found at the drugstore). I also love that the more you work with the shadows, the better they get; It’s like they’re slightly coated but once you get through the first layer you really start to see the beauty and quality of each shadow. It also comes with a dual ended brush (a sponge on one side and small rectangular brush on the other). I’m going to be honest and tell you I didn’t even give it a try.. just give me my “bad beauty blogger” ticket and we’ll call it even? 😉

la palette nude 1

I recommend this palette to anyone who enjoys makeup budget buys that work. If you own Urban Decay’s Naked palette you don’t necessarily need this palette but it is a great alternative and a closer drugstore “dupe” in formulation and consistency than Maybelline’s The Nudes. The packaging is also sturdy, sleek and comparable in size to the UD palettes. If the $15-20 price tag is keeping you away, wait for a sale and/or search for coupons. The bang for your buck will be greater and worth it!

What are your thoughts on L’oreal’s La Palette Nude 1? Will you be skipping or picking it up? Also, if you own La Palette Nude 2 let me know what you think and if it’s worth purchasing too!

Besos, Ilse


  • Love this! Great review and fab photos as always! And you’ll be getting no bad blogger ticket from us for skipping the freebie brush, when it comes to brushes you deserve better 😉 -the L.A.B.2 team

    • Too sweet of the L.A.B.2 team to stop by! Thank you! And of course I used my L.A.B.2 blending brush to put these shadows to the test 😉 xo, Ilse