Morphe Jaclyn Hill Palette

Oh happy day! It’s Friday and I’m chatting Morphe and Jaclyn Hill! aka The Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette! With a ton of buzz and hype around this palette I thought hey, my lady (and guy) friends need to know if this palette is all that and a bag of Takis. So here I am giving you all the goods!

Over two years ago I did a first impressions on the original Jaclyn Hill Favorites palette. I loved that palette and it really solidified that good, quality makeup doesn’t always have to cost a ton of money. I’m going to go ahead and follow the outline of that post again today because if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! (Guys, can you sense I’m in a spunky mood? I think it’s that Fri-yay feeling!)

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the jaclyn hill eyeshadow palette morphe

Morphe Jaclyn Hill Palette Details




35 all new, never-before-sold shades personally developed by Jaclyn Hill. Each formula is new to the Morphe line and cannot be found in other palettes previously sold by Morphe.

AVAILABLE AT: or at their Burbank, CA location


Standard is $7.95


Most all your fave YouTubers have a discount code for Morphe but Jaclyn’s is “JACATTACK” for 10% off


Currently Out of Stock but you can enter your email HERE to be notified when it comes back

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The following swatches have not been altered in any way, shape or form. They have not been brightened, darkened or sharpened. They were taken with direct sunlight and only one swipe.

the jaclyn hill eyeshadow palette morphe livelearnluxeit
Morphe Jaclyn Hill Palette First Row Swatches
Morphe Jaclyn Hill Palette Row 2 Swatches
Morphe Jaclyn Hill Palette row 3 swatches
Morphe Jaclyn Hill Palette row 4 swatches
Morphe jaclyn hill palette row 5 swatches livelearnluxeit


The Morphe Jaclyn Hill Palette is definitely more beautiful in person. The pictures I saw before I purchased were great but in person it’s just a dream. Obviously the palette is made up of a range of shades and finishes but for the most part you’ll find warmer, tones with a variety of reddish, brown shades.

At first swatch the thing that impressed me the most was how smooth the matte shades are. I heard they were creamy but they truly are buttery! I’m so impressed.

My favorite row is the second row. Starting with ‘Pukey’ through ‘Queen’, I just kept saying “Wow” over and over again. Those shades are incredible!

I was the least impressed with rows four and five. The color pay-off was not there for quite a few of the shades (including ‘Twerk’, ‘Mocha’, ‘Jada’, ‘Central Park’, and ‘Abyss’.) Granted this is a first impressions (and sometimes you don’t want shades to be super intense) so I will update once I do play with the shades more 😉


Overall it’s a great palette and in no way do I regret spending my cash money on it. It’s interesting that I’m most excited to play with the mattes because I’m a shimmer-lover. On that note, ‘Firwork’, ‘Little Lady’, and ‘Meeks’ are FIRE and very much up my makeup-loving alley.

As for packaging, I’m fine with it. Is it the most sturdy, glamorous packaging? No. But I’m not complaining. I did have two makeup artist friends say they would not travel with it but I think I would. Maybe I’ll test it come my next vacation.

morphe the jaclyn hill eyeshadow palette
jaclyn morphe palette livelearnluxeit

If you purchased this palette I would love to hear your thoughts! What impressed you the most and what do you wish was a little different? Let me know in the comments section below!