Review || L.A.B.2 ‘Just Blending In’ & ‘Make Me Blush’ Brushes

Drugstore brushes can be hit or miss.. I know, I’ve tried a ton! They can be stiff, scratchy and most of all not deliver in performance; That’s why I’m pretty excited to be bringing you two new brushes that are quickly becoming must-haves.

LAB2 Review

Live and Breathe Beauty, or L.A.B.², is a new brand dedicated to delivering luxury for less without compromising beauty in quality makeup brushes. Does this mantra sound familiar?.. Pretty much what I stand for at LiveLearnLuxeIt! No doubt high-end products make me giddy but when I can find quality products for affordable prices well, that’s on a whole other level of excitement! So when the opportunity came to try these brushes I was pretty pumped knowing if they turned out to be as good as they seemed I’d have new drugstore-priced darlings for you all.

Make Me Blush and Just Blending In

All L.A.B.² brushes are made of the highest quality of synthetic fibers, a titanium-plated ferrule (which I love!) and rubberized-handle (much like Urban Decay’s signature packaging). Their products are also non-corrosive and durable while maintaining an edgy and sleek look.

Now a little about the brushes I tried:

*L.A.B.²  ‘Just Blending In’ Brush

LAB2 Just Blending In


CLAIMS: “I am designed with a long, domed-shape to fit perfectly in the crease of the eyes, giving you expert blending so you can evenly and smoothly achieve maximum shadow application.
I soften and diffuse harsh lines and edges, removing any eyeshadow imperfections.”

AVAILABLE AT: Wal-Mart. You can use their STORE LOCATOR to find L.A.B.² in your area.

*L.A.B.²  ‘Make Me Blush’ Brush

make me blush

PRICE: $10

CLAIMS: “My ultra-soft domed-shape design is engineered to move easily along the contours of the face.
I can sculpt and brighten facial features in one easy swipe for a beautiful, glowing complexion.”

AVAILABLE AT: Wal-Mart. You can use their STORE LOCATOR to find L.A.B.² in your area.


LAB2 Just Blending In up close

Having a strong blending brush in your kit makes all the difference! When I was asked which brushes I’d like to try, the ‘Just Blending In’ brush was on the top of my list because a line’s blending brush can pretty much tell me if other brushes are worth looking into.

This brush is perfect for the makeup novice because it’s going to blend harsh lines with little effort. It also helps you deposit the right amount of eyeshadow on your lids so that you don’t go overboard with too much color. That fact that the bristles are longer and are slightly dome-shaped allow for the perfect fit along the crease and also allows for an easy glide back and forth during shadow application. I’ve been really enjoying this brush in conjunction with my Sigma E40; The two may look similar but are completely different and together are a blending dream-team.

Comparison Blending In and E40


I had to have this brush when I saw it on L.A.B.²’s website! The shape is so unique and versatile that I knew I could use it for countless makeup needs. First let’s talk about what it’s intended for, blush; It does a great job at that! I can dab it into my powder blush and know it’s not going to pick up too much; Love that!

make me blush close up

But the main reason I wanted this brush was to use as my bronzing/contour brush. I don’t do intense contouring so if that’s what you’re looking for I can’t really comment on that but if you want a brush that evenly deposits your bronzer, this is a great option! I actually don’t sweep the brush along my cheeks but rather pat along my desired bronzing area. Afterwards I’ll use the pointy tip to blend all product out evenly in small, soft circles.


Brushes Handles

After testing these brushes for about two weeks I have to say the quality you get for the price is impressive! I’m such a skeptic when it comes to drugstore makeup tools but I believe these brushes are worth purchasing if you’re just starting your makeup brush kit or simply looking to complete your collection with quality, but budget-friendly, sleek-looking tools. So far they’ve lived up to the durability claims and I’ve had zero fallout since I’ve started using them; I’ve deep cleaned them once and can attest to them bouncing back to their original shape. I’m also loving the fact that all the brushes are 100% animal free, meaning they are cruelty-free and vegan, and hypoallergenic.

I do have to point out they’re not as soft as my higher end brushes but this didn’t affect their performance; This detail did not take away from the application experience either. Their current availability is also a con; As a new brand they’re slowly showing up at Wal-Marts around the U.S. so make sure to check the store locator on their website,, to learn where to find them (or sign-up for their 24-hour launch sale) and keep up with daily updates on their Instagram LAB2BEAUTY.

Just Blending In and Make Me Blush

You can also find select L.A.B.²  brushes and kits on Amazon:

I’m Turning Pro Brush Kit
Strokes of Genius Brush Set
Just Face it Kabuki Brush

Kits range from $18-24 and individual brushes are $6-10.

Next on my wishlist is their Triple Threat Brush which I’ll definitely be picking up on my next Wal-Mart outing. Will you be picking up any L.A.B.² brushes? Let me know which ones!



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All opinions are my own and 100% honest

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