Review || MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation

FACT: We all want to look flawless #beyonce. We want to look just as flawless in real life as we do in our selfies (after one, maybe two filters). A little easier to accomplish for those with great skin (What evil pact did you make, oh perfect skin beauty?), but harder to achieve for the rest of us who have to deal with and conceal major skin issues daily.

Enter my new must-have, MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation!

MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD LiveLearnLuxeIt

 Before I go into the many reasons why this foundation is my current obsession let me start with the claims:

MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation retails for $43, is meant for all skin types and is available in 40 shades (AH-mazing!). It is a natural-finish, oil-free, medium coverage foundation and was developed to create a flawless complexion under the new, super-focused 4k lenses now in use in the TV and film industry. In simplified non-techie terms, 4k lenses magnify the clarity of whatever or whoever is on camera way more than HD ever did, meaning every single imperfection is on mega-display. The great innovators at MAKE UP FOR EVER decided, “Nah boo, that ain’t right” and created this foundation so that all of us could continue to fake the funk in our selfies and appear #flawless.

make up for ever ultra hd livelearnluxeit review


I do believe you get what is advertised with this foundation. The first time I tried Ultra HD I was pretty impressed with how effortless it was to buff into my skin with my Sigma F80 brush or blended in with my beauty blender. Instantly the foundation sank into my skin (perhaps faster than any other foundation I’ve tried) and delivered a natural, satin finish. The first layer can be pretty light, but I always go back with a second layer on top of the areas that need more coverage, like my cheeks, to cover hyper-pigmentation without looking cakey or too overdone. It also doesn’t feel like I’m wearing foundation! It’s so lightweight that I have no issues wearing it all day long. The best part is that it stays in place and looks just as good at the end of the day as it did when I first applied it, a rarity for me! My acne-prone skin also hasn’t had any issues with it and it hasn’t caused any breakouts.

ultra hd makeup forever livelearnluxeit

I know this foundation has received mixed reviews but for me it truly does stand behind all its claims. I would definitely describe Ultra HD as medium to (in my opinion, buildable) full coverage, natural finish, and long lasting. In comparison to the original HD foundation, this probably won’t replace it. The original HD was fuller coverage where this one can be used every day (with one layer) but can also be built up to your desired coverage. In terms of formulation, I love that they added encapsulated hyaluronic spheres (I’ve raved about Hyaluronic Acid HERE) because now drier skin types can wear this comfortably and we all get the added skin care benefits of moisture retention!


MAKE UP FOR EVER has split skin tones into 4 categories: Light=200’s, Medium=300’s, Tan=400’s, and Dark=500’s. After you decide which of the 4 categories you land in, you must decide if you have a red or yellow undertone. Red undertones will have an “R” in front of their 3 digit number and yellow undertones a “Y.”


My shade is 127=Y335, meaning I was shade ‘127’ in the HD foundation and now I’m Y335 in Ultra HD. This also means I have a medium, yellow-based undertone.

makeup forever shade y335

A tip for those who have tried this foundation and had issues with it.. try it with a new primer. This foundation is water-based. Silicone-based primers, like THIS one or THIS one will make Ultra HD patchy and cause it to break up because the two consistencies work against each other. Primers like THIS one and MAKE UP FOR EVER’s skin equalizers will work best because the silicone is either very minimal or not present at all. Another primer that doesn’t work with this foundation is the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer (a favorite of mine). Its’ white base actually changes the color of Ultra HD so although you might have your correct shade, the primer will cause the foundation to oxidize and appear darker.

 Comment below if you’ve tried the new MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD foundation and what your thoughts are on it! I love mine and highly recommend to anyone looking for a comfortable-wearing, natural finish, medium to full coverage foundation!

Besos, Ilse

  • Patricia

    I loved this review it describes my thoughts exactly about this foundation natural flawless and santin finish! It’s perfection to me !!!

    • Thanks Patricia! Glad you’re loving this foundation as much as I am! I really wasn’t expecting to but so glad it’s everything advertised! xo, Ilse

  • glambunctious

    This sounds pretty incredible! I like that it’s medium coverage but yet, covers the imperfections “flawless #beyonce” style! 🙂 LOL at “fake the funk”! I said that to one of our interns at work and he’d NEVER HEARD IT before, nor had any idea of it’s relation to Shaq. I felt elderly. Anywho, thank you for this awesome review and the shade chart! Super helpful!

    • Aw thanks love! Always love your support! And I def recommend at least picking up a sample of this foundation! When it’s not compared to the original HD I think it’s a great foundation.

  • Monique

    Hi! Are u mac nc30 by any chance?? because I’m thinking of buying this but I’m not sure what colour to opt for

    • Hi love! I’m actually c4 in MAC’s Studio Fix so I’m assuming that would be my shade in everything else at MAC. Definitely try a sample of my shade (127) from MUFE or have a color consultant at a Sephora color match you. They’re pretty accurate! 😉

  • Alexandra

    My skin tone is really yellow/olive and I’m not that tan, I’d say light/medium. I got the same shade as you did, but it looks a little pink/beige online so I’m worried that it’ll dry to a different color and that my face will look too pink compared to my neck in the sunlight. Have you had any problems with this, or does it stay the same color?

    • Hi love! No I haven’t had any issues with it oxidizing. The shade we both have actually has a yellow undertone so it should be perfect for you as far as undertones go but it might be a little dark for you if you say your skin tone is light/med. I’d get color matched just to make sure 😉 they do it at Sephora for free!

  • shaz

    I have broken out in acne really bad and will now lay off this foundation and see if it improves and let you know. I do however like this foundation and it pictures beautifully.

    • Yes let me know! I didn’t have that reaction and I have problematic skin. It’s good to hear somebody else’s experience!

  • annie

    So I have oily skin, and every foundation I seem to be using at the moment is oxidising, even with a primer! The only thing that seems to be working just a tad, is by applying powder underneath my foundation. How is this foundation with oxidising and oily skin?

    • I have no issues with it oxidizing. A great essence that helps foundations not oxidize is Boscia’s Sake Treatment Water. Try it! It’s great for keeping your skin hydrated during winter too. The foundation is definitely not mattifying but it also won’t make you oiler. Hope that helps! xo