Stripes for Summer


Well hello there beautiful! It’s been quite some time since I put out a post! What can I say for myself other than LIFE! In reality I have no excuse; I only have my poor time management skills to blame. And of course if you’ve been following me on Instagram (which you totally should be!) you already know I was recently on vacation visiting family and friends in Arizona. The trip was A++ and I’m back feeling refreshed and ready to kick butt!

blue and white t shirt dress

Now that I’ve caught you up I come to you with one of my faaavorite trends for summer.. STRIPES! Why do I love thee so much? Because they’re basically a neutral by now and when done right can really make an outfit come together. They can be elegant, nautical, sophisticated, fun, patriotic.. the possibilities are truly endless. Yes I know some of us are still pretty hesitant about wearing stripes but let me tell you there’s nothing to be scared of! Follow the simple guidelines I have for you and you’ll be wearing stripes without a care in no time!

stripes for summer

how to wear stripes

1. You CAN wear horizontal stripes..

Just not on the larger parts of your body. If the stripe is wide you’ll appear shorter and well, wider. Especially if the stripe is a light color. Let’s say you fall in love with a black and white striped dress; make sure the white stripe doesn’t fall right across any area of your body you don’t want focus on because the light shade will bring attention to it. On the same note, this little tip can work in your favor if you do want a particular area accentuated, like your less-than-bootylicious bum or smaller chest. But let’s say you want that slimming effect; I’d recommend dabbling in diagonal lines too!

dress for summer

blue and white stripes   2. Apparently there’s a 90/10 rule we should all be following

This rule states that 90% should be kept light and 10% dark when balancing striped clothing. So when choosing striped attire the lighter shade of the stripes should make up at least 90% of the clothing item. A great example is the shirt dress I’m wearing. The stripes are thin and a light blue shade which serve as a soft contrast against the white.

In my opinion, the reverse also seems to work. I picked out a few options below where the stripes are a thin, lighter color against mostly a dark background that work just as good along with others that follow the 90/10 rule.

blue maxi dress

3. Incorporate stripes elsewhere in your outfit

 Like your shoes or purse. It’s the perfect way bring a fun, summer feel to your ensemble. I’ve linked a few of my favorite finds below!

white tshirt dress

flowy dress

Whatever’s been holding you back from wearing stripes, let go of it this summer! There are always going to be tips and guidelines for creating a “slimmer” silhouette but the best tip I have is to focus less on what others see when you walk out the door and more on what truly makes you feel good about yourself.