Summer to Fall Transition Outfits

Hello my loves! You might have noticed I took a little break from good old Insta this past weekend and didn’t post Monday because I needed a little breather!

My husband and I are preparing for an Arizona, California and Las Vegas trip and ya’ll know how travel prep goes! We’re trying to get our pup a good sitter plus set up our car rental, hotel, etc. and get all my work done so our¬†vacation is actually relaxing LOL!

If you’re anything like me you also like to do a little shopping for cute new clothes when you have a trip coming up! It’s actually the one thing I do enjoy about travel planning.

Since I’m heading into all sorts of different weather than we have in Connecticut, what better time than to chat summer to fall transition outfits!

great wardrobe staples to transition into fall
great wardrobe staples to transition into fall

great wardrobe staples to transition into fall
great wardrobe staples to transition into fall


great fall transitional wardrobe staples
great fall transitional wardrobe staples

great wardrobe staples to transition into fall
great wardrobe staples to transition into fall

summer to fall transition outfits
great wardrobe staples for transitioning from summer to fall

I’m going to be dealing with all sorts of fluctuating weather during this trip and planning for it has definitely been interesting. I want to continue to incorporate pieces from my current wardrobe, but also purchase a few new versatile fall staples I can wear now and well into the cooler months.

Because I’ve been dealing with switching up my closet lately, I thought I’d share some tips for summer to fall transition outfits that work during any climate changes you might also be dealing with.

Incorporate Vests, Trench Coats, Cardigans & Light Jackets

Light jackets, especially long vests, can really help you transition from summer to fall. Layering is always the best way to keep warm when it gets chilly at night. When the days can still be pretty warm, you can easily store light jackets in your purse or at your work desk.

Keep Wearing Your Off-The-Shoulder Tops

OTS tops are always huge during summer but the great thing about them is you can easily transition them into the new season. The key is to wear them in fall-inspired colors and opt for long-sleeves. OTS sweaters are also an amazing fall transition staple. They keep you warm but still give off a breezy feel.

Manicure Change-Up

The quickest, and easiest, way to switch it up for fall is to change up your nail color. If you’re not into berry, dark plums or vampy reds, there’s always tawny, nude-brown shades that work great for fall.

This also applies for makeup! Can’t lie, I’ve been excited to pull out all my deep shades!

Try Tights

Summer dresses don’t have to be packed up right away. Opaque tights work well under your favorite dresses, skirts and even maxi dresses to keep warm. They’re the best way to elongate the life of all your summer bottoms.

Mix Your Summer and Fall Colors

If you’re not ready to dive head first into fall fashion, this is the best way to go from summer to fall. Yes, it’s exciting to start incorporating fall shades but mixing pastels and brights with deeper hues can really create a fun, new wardrobe.

summer to fall transition outfit ideas
wardrobe staples from summer to fall

What tips do you have for transition outfits? I always love to hear what you ladies do to go seamlessly from summer into fall.

Happy Wednesday loves, and thanks for reading!