The Exact 11 Beauty Products I Travel With

Bonjour mis amores! Have you missed me? ‘Cuz I’ve sure missed you! I took a little break to settle into our new apartment and prepare for our Europe trip (which has been a blast so far!). Today was our last day in Paris and I swear I almost cried leaving our hotel. I really didn’t want to leave. If you’ve been following me long on Instagram then you know we started our vacation in London, then Paris and now we’re heading to Spain! While I’m sad to leave this beautiful city I’m excited to see what Barcelona and Madrid have to offer.

beauty products to travel with

This might sound funny but when we were planning our vacation I had a thought I couldn’t shake. “What is this going to do to my skin?” Silly right? Here we were, planning the vacation we always dreamed of and I couldn’t help but wonder how my skin was going to react.

By now I think you guys are well aware I struggle with acne and maintaining my skin in tip-top shape so getting off and on airplanes really worried me. Not to mention the lack of sleep and jet lag we’d be under just made me scared as hell! So I made a plan to bring beauty products with me to truly cater to my needs while traveling, and I’ve gotta say my skin has been behaving so well! (Hopefully I didn’t just jinx myself). It’s been looking so good that I wanted to share the exact beauty products I travel with in case you’re in the same boat! Obviously these don’t have to be products you just use while traveling but they make for the perfect carry-on case and will elevate the stress of traveling as well as skin worries.

 A Retexturizer – Ole Henriksen Invigorating Night Treatment: Lurv this stuff! It’s one of those products that I fell in love with several years ago but always forget to rave about. Recently I found a sample size in my bottomless pit of skincare products and decided to give it a go again. OMG my skin has been loving it. Texture has always been an issue for me but this stuff really helps smooth any small bumps and helps my skin look vibrant. When flying I always tend to get breakouts so this “serum” helps keep my skin from going bazerk. They recently re-did the entire packaging of the Ole line so if you look for it in stores I believe it now comes in a blue bottle.
Cleansing Bar – Drunk Elephant Bars: If I hadn’t mentioned it before Drunk Elephant is my jam. I just love all their products! It’s also been about a year since I switched to cleansing face bars. First Aid Beauty makes a great one which I highly recommend (about $18 and lasts for about a year) and Drunk Elephant also has their version. When traveling I try to avoid as many liquids as I can so cleansing bars just keeps things easy and mess free. Plus they really do work!
Hydrating Moisturizer – Drunk Elephant LaLa Cream: By now we all know flying sucks the moisture right out of our skin so it’s important to keep it hydrated. Even if you normally opt for a sheer cream, try a more nourishing option on your next flight. It’ll make a huge difference in making your skin look dewy instead of dull.
Hydrating Mist – Mario Badescu Rose Facial Spray: This goes hand in hand with a hydrating moisturizer, and possibly even more essential in my opinion. Why? Because it’s quicker, more sanitery and gives instant results. Use your moisturizer in conjunction with a mist and you should feel pretty hydrated.
Chapstick – Rose Bud Salve: Self-explantary. Keep chapstick handy for when your lips start feeling too dry to function.
 best products to travel with
Eye Balm: Evan Healy Wild Carrot Nourishing Eye Balm: For the same reason I opt for a cleansing bar, I also try to bring an eye balm instead of an actual cream. It’s so easy and keeps my undereyes looking smooth. I recently started using this one and I gotta say I’m loving it! I never thought I’d be into a balm stick but I’ve gotten so used to the convinience of just dabbing it under my eyes and smoothing it out. It’s also way more sanitory than sticking your fingers in a tube of cream.
Skin Oil – Drunk Elephant Marula Oil: I have an entire post on my favorite skin oils and why I think everyone should try incorporating them into their skincare routine so I’ll link it here, but again, hydration is the name of the game when traveling so in my opinion it’s a must! Marula Oil is now a long time favorite and I definitely recommend for anyone wanting to fight fine lines and dryness.
Cleansing Device – Foreo: I stopped using this device because I couldn’t find the charger lol but I finally found it and the little break made me realize how much I do love it. It’s gentle enough for my acne-prone skin and my skin really feels cleansed after I use it. One of the best parts is you can charge it with a USB cord and it’ll last you for about a year.
A Mask or Two, preferably Sheet Masks – This might be a little extra for some but if keeping your skin in good condition is priority then this is a must. I normally take samples of whatever I have so it doesn’t get too bulky and I’ll try my hardest to find the time to give my skin a reboot whenever I can. Bringing a face mask, especially a good sheet mask during my travels has made the biggest difference when traveling and sorta acts as the tranquilizer before my skin goes nuts.
Dry Shampoo – Bumble & Bumble Prêt-à-Powder: This might not be skin related but it’s definitely a must have when traveling. I love the powder formula because you don’t have to worry about any accidents and it’s also so tiny and lightweight. It also does a great job at absorbing oil which can cause breakouts around the hairline if the oil is excessive.
Daytime Moisturizer w/SPF – Murad Vitamin C SPF 30: I’ve spoken a ton about this moisturizer but basically make sure you bring one that has SPF to protect your skin, especially if you’re traveling to a warmer climate.
best products to travel with
I like to think keeping these products at bay can at least be a little reassurance that you have a little control over something while you travel!
Any skin and beauty products you just can’t travel without? Do share! Life, especially travel, made easy is always my jam.
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