The Importance of “Me Time”


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Happy Friday loves! Since we’re on the brink of holiday madness, I thought I’d slow it down a bit and chat about the importance of “me time.” I am a total advocate of getting “me time” every single day (if I can get it!). It makes a world of difference when I can squeeze some alone time to recharge and collect myself for the following day.

I’m so good at “me time” that I tend to overdo it. Like I’m the type of person who is perfectly okay with spending days by myself and feel totally fine about it. This little trait of mine gets me in trouble and I often get texts from my mom that read something along the lines of, “Earth to my daughter!”


The reason I love my alone time is because I’m constantly “on” when I’m out in the world. And although I love to be around my family and friends, I cherish the moments when I can just sit and listen to music, or write a post for you guys. It’s so therapeutic that I think if I never got the chance to spend some quality time with myself I would lose it!


The biggest realization for me came a few months ago when I was constantly on the go. I was burning the candle from both ends and that eventually led to me feeling unhappy and completely stressed out. I even talked about it HERE and gave some tips for de-stressing.

How could I care for everyone around me if I wasn’t taking care of myself? Because of that I decided I had to make myself a priority again and I booked a flight to Arizona to visit my family and decided to head to Nashville for a much needed girls’ trip.

alone-timeThat time away did wonders. I was able to just spend time with my mom and have some serious “me time” shopping at my favorite stores and visiting my go-to AZ spots. Re-focusing on myself helped me learn a lot about who I’m becoming as I’m getting older and what I want in life; It’s challenged me to not only discover what I want but work toward getting it as well.


If it’s one thing I’ll never do is apologize for my “me time.” When I start feeling like maybe I should skip my weekly masks (one of my favorite types of “me time”) or I have a bajillion other things I feel I should be doing, I remind myself why it’s so important to make myself a priority, and how in the end it all comes full circle because it will make me a better wife, daughter, sister, niece, grand-daugher, aunt, friend and colleague.



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