The Perfect Paris Moment

When my husband and I stepped foot off our long flight abroad, we both glanced at each other with huge grins. The excitement definitely took over the exhaustion we felt and we were so happy to be experiencing Europe together for the next 10 days – something we both dreamed of for a very long time. I’ll be honest and say I was most excited to check Paris off my bucket list. I mean, come on!? How do you not wanderlust over the beauty and history of this city? And when I saw the Eiffel Tower for the first time? Well that was the perfect Paris moment!

There were three Eiffel Tower moments that took my breath away, and each one so special for different reasons. The first was from the top of the Arc de Triomphe at the end of our second day. We didn’t mean to time it this way but we got to watch it twinkle for the first time and if you can, I really recommend you finish a day like this. The second was from the Trocadero metro exit. We went early in the morning and I couldn’t believe how beautiful the Eiffel Tower looked against the sunrise. If you’re visiting Paris, this is also a definite must! And the third was getting to have a picnic with the Eiffel Tower as our backdrop, also from the Trocadero metro exit. When you go down the platform (the one I’m on in these pictures) you’ll find a carousel to the right of you. Before it is a beautiful area just made for picnics and between the carousel and the Eiffel Tower, you’ll feel like you’re in the most perfect dream.

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As I start to share more and more of our European adventures, I have to preface that while we visited and saw a ton of things, the heart of our trip was to simply be together. I planned a lot but I also left days unfilled with scheduled activities and specific times we had to be somewhere. I didn’t even make reservations to restaurants some days with the thought that if the restaurant was completely booked, it wasn’t the place for us. Maybe that’s not the greatest advice when planning such a huge trip but for us it worked and even lead to our champagne picnic right under the Eiffel Tower, a moment I’ll never forget.

Thanks for sharing your Wednesday with me! I am so happy to be back and finally getting into the swing of things again.