Too Faced Chocolate Bar vs Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar

Too Faced is one of my favorite makeup brands when it comes to packaging and these palettes are prime examples! I’d like to meet the genius that came up with the idea to put eyeshadows in palettes that look like chocolate, and SMELL like chocolatey-goodness straight out of a Willy Wonka factory.

Too Faced palette comparison

Aesthetically these palettes are everything! The magnetic closure and tin packaging is wonderful for travel and the mirror inside is a decent size. I also love the thinner, more compact version of Semi-Sweet (and the second edition of The Chocolate Bar). A wonderful bonus with these palettes is that they’re made with 100% natural, antioxidant-rich cocoa powder which is going to give you anti-aging benefits! Love that!

But once you open the palette and you start swatching and applying, do the shadows perform? Let’s take a look.


The first of Too Faced’s chocolate bar palettes, The Chocolate Bar Eye Palette, was released in 2013 with 16 eyeshadows ranging from cream shades to natural browns, with a pop of pink and green, and some plums in between. It’s mostly warm-toned with a decent mix of matte, shimmer and glittery shades.

Close Up Chocolate Bar

 With this palette I find it very easy to create every day simple looks using shades like ‘Marzipan’ (reminds me a bit of MAC’s ‘All That Glitters’) and ‘Creme Brûlée’ (a bronzier take on Urban Decay’s ‘Half Baked’) as all over shimmer lid colors (I’m a shimmer lid kinda-gal). But it’s also easy to go from day-to-night by applying ‘Triple Fudge’ or ‘Semi-Sweet’ into the crease which I’ve done several times. ‘Salted Caramel’ and ‘Milk Chocolate’ work great as transition shades, and ‘White Chocolate’ is one of my favorite shades for brow highlight because it actually stays put throughout the day.


Semi-Sweet Chocolate Eye Palette is a deeper, warmer continuation of its original counterpart. It was released in 2014 with 16 complimentary deeper, warm-toned neutral browns and a pop of blue and iridescent, glitter pink. Too Faced printed the names of each shade in this palette (unlike the first) but the amount you get in the two larger shades is less (0.07 oz versus 0.10 oz.).

Close Up Semi Sweet

Semi Sweet Swatches Names

I was pleasantly surprised with the texture of Semi-Sweet compared to the original. The color pay-off is not as great as The Chocolate Bar but the texture across the board is more consistent and smooth. One of the shades that let me down was ‘Blueberry Swirl’ because it didn’t give me the strong color pay-off I was hoping for. It’s still pretty but as the palette’s single pop of color I really had high expectations. Another shade that greatly disappointed was ‘Pink Sugar;’ It’s straight up glitter that doesn’t adhere what-so-ever. I am obsessed, however, with ‘Peanut Butter’ for a velvety, warm transition shade and basically all of the third row; ‘Bon Bon’ just speaks to my heart!



The Chocolate Bar is composed of more softer neutral shades compared to Semi-Sweet‘s bolder, warm browns. You also get grittier, more sparkly shades with the original than you do with Semi-Sweet. Color pay-off is stronger with the original and also has a better mix of colors.

Both palettes deliver when it comes to the smooth, buttery texture of almost all the eyeshadows and fall-out is very minimal if any.


semi sweet vs chocolate bar

If you’re debating between the two I would buy The Chocolate Bar. You’re going to get a slightly better mix of cool and warm eyeshadows and across the board better color pay-off. BUT if you have a darker complexion I would go for Semi-Sweet; The deeper shades are going to compliment tanner, warmer skin tones better.

Overall I don’t regret purchasing Semi-Sweet when I already owned the original.. I am a makeup junkie after all 😉 But I also don’t believe you need both.

If you own The Chocolate Bar, Semi-Sweet or both, let me know your thoughts and your skin tone! I’d love to hear which one you prefer!

Besos, Ilse


  • I love these! My husband bought me The Chocolate Bar the Christmas it came out, and recently a friend sent me her Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar and they are both great! Peanut Butter is my crease shade obsession, too! It reminds me of Anastasia Beverly Hills Caramel (from the Maya Mia palette and now surely, in single format). The warm sienna color is just so beautiful in the crease! Beautiful photos, Ilse!

    • Thanks Kristen! I’m a fan of both palettes! ‘Peanut Butter’ is simply lovely!