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I’ve loved everything there is to love about the beauty world since I can remember. There really wasn’t a person who introduced me to the latest make-up trends or fashion faux-pas; I kind of picked it up along the way. My mother was (and continues to be) a natural beauty. Through example she taught me a woman’s true beauty isn’t solely in the brands she wears or how flawlessly she’s contoured her face; A woman’s beauty is anything she wills it to be – it’s in her passions, her flaws, her quirks. In the same token, my mother didn’t derail me from spending hours in her small make-up drawer, trying every shade of lipstick she had available. She saw how bright my brown eyes got at the sight of all “her pretty things,” as I used to call them, and even helped me begin my own collection of “makeup” (Bonne Bell Lip Smackers anyone?). It was clear I had found my passion.

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This way of thinking allowed me to explore all facets of a woman. The fact that make-up is another avenue that can transform us and express our current mood is empowering – I love that! But what I love most is the “passed down from generation-to-generation” aspect of it all. We all have at least one beauty trick or skincare secret entrusted to us by our mothers and/or grandmothers. Ponds, the skincare brand, will forever trigger memories of little me watching my mother apply her nightly lotions and potions. That was the first skincare brand she introduced me to and when I started using skincare, I felt a certain closeness to her when I applied my very own Ponds cream. For those women who didn’t or don’t have that, I hope I can guide you in finding products that make you feel pretty, oh so pretty.


My mother’s encouragement to do what I love and love what I do is the foundation for this blog. My hope in beginning this journey is to have an open forum between women from all around the world where we share our beauty favorites. With talking about beauty comes skincare and fashion, so naturally I will dabble in those fun topics too. I’ll also let you in on my current lifestyle favorites and discuss topics I’ve come across as a married, twenty-something year-old woman living in this fast-paced, demanding, but rewarding world. I hope you enjoy what I have to say and we begin a lifelong friendship as fellow beauty enthusiasts. Welcome to my happy place.. I hope you stay a while.

Besos, Ilse