What to Get your Best Friend for Valentine’s Day

What to get your best friend for Valentine’s Day should be a pretty easy task. After all, you’ve been through it all, know it all, and are still completely obsessed with one another. So why do we get stumped when it comes to shopping for our favorite people in the world?

What to get your best friend for vday

For me it really boils down to getting it just right – I want to feel like I picked out exactly what they would have picked out had they been in the store with me. Too much pressure? Maybe. But it’s so worth it when they open their gift and love it.

Today I want to eliminate the pressure and give you fail-proof gift ideas. No matter what type of friendship you have, these suggestions will win every time.

Silly Bestie Accessory

If you can’t be silly with your best friend, who can you be silly with? I’m a sucker for shirts or things that say cute or sarcastic things and if they come in a pair, even better. In my opinion you’re never too old to rock “BFF” attire and luckily I found tons that do the job. I especially love this option for best friends who don’t live near one another because it’s a sweet reminder of your bestie when you’re going through rough times or just miss them.    

Childhood Memento

Nostalgia works every time! I LOVE gifts that take me back in time, especially if they involve the people I love most. Back in the day (like way back) I was completely obsessed with the Spice Girls (okay, still kinda am) and my best friends and I dressed up like them and entered our school’s talent show. A Spice Girls notebook or t-shirt would be the perfect gift now! Not only would it show how long we’ve been friends, it would open up a floodgate of memories we’d be talking about for hours! (I was Sporty Spice in case you were wondering.. Girl Power!)

Tickets to go see Magic Mike’s Live show in Vegas

I kid. But do I? In all seriousness tickets to go see a show or band you both love is a perfect gift idea. I always love to focus on experiences rather than tangible gifts when I want it to be truly special because it’s something you both will never forget.

Nails & Lattés Day Date

Treat your bestie to your ideal day date activity. For me it would be grabbing some super yummy coffee then heading to my favorite nail place and probably stopping by the nearest Home Goods to buy things I don’t need (like cute stationary, candles and maybe a lamp, who knows?!). Tell me having your best friend by your side wouldn’t make this the best day ever? Whatever is “your thing” have it be on you and enjoy a fun girls’ day with your best friend.

What’s the best gift you ever got from your best friend? I got a really sweet “just because” letter in the mail from one of my favorite people in the world last month and I bawled my eyes out. Softy, I know.

Until next time friends!